Comfy Rainy Friday

IMG_9324 IMG_9347 IMG_9348 IMG_9373

A really loose grey and white Mossimo sweater, black stretchable mini skirt, and knee high rain boots. Perfect with a pendant watch necklace and side braid ponytail.

Today’s outfit was imagined while I woke up shivering from the cool early morning rain today. Something comfortable and warm, yet able to pass for either casual work Fridays or the chill night out after.


I bought the sweater from last September 5th’s Trendsetter Bazaar for a whopping Php100!! That’s just around $3 for this really comfortable sweater. I pinned the front of my top under the corset I was wearing inside the sweater to show off my skirt. If I had let it hang loose, I’d lose all the silhouette of the outfit and hide the detail of the nice skirt, too. A total nuh-uh for me.


I paired my simple attire with an intricate ponytail just for a bit of detail to balance the whole thing.

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