2015 Christmas Wish List



It’s Christmas time again! Time to give gifts and receive them! Woohoo!

Check out my eccentric wish list for this Christmas (and until the forseeable future)

1) Sewing Machine with more than 2 settings

Taken from lazada.com

Perfect for making my own dresses, bags and other DIYs that I sooo love doing. I have a really cheap sewing machine that I can barely do anything with. It has two settings, fast and slow. It doesn’t do different kinds of stitches or anything. I guess it’s handy for small things, but not for everyday wear and tear. I’d love a sewing machine that can handle more than 2 folds of cloth over it without dying on me. The potential of this sewing machine and my custom pieces will just soar!


2) USB Condenser Microphone

Photo credits to lazada.com

I love to sing. Like, I’ll sing in the shower, while walking, driving. I don’t usually care if I suck or not, but I love singing my heart our. I want to be able to record my voice and hear it as is. Usually voice recorders kind of distort your voice and gets the noise in the background. I think it’ll be really cool if I had a condenser mic for that. If I do get something like this, I’ll be sure to post my recordings for everyone to hear (and maybe cringe to).

3) Nice luggage that rotates 360degrees

Photo from horchow.com

Since I travel quite often, I usually use out old luggage. It’s pretty heavy on its own and not at all fashionable. It doesn’t even rotate 360 degrees. I love it when luggages rotate like that. I’m not a very strong person so the ability to drag my luggage without its weight on my arm would be fan-tas-tic! And a nice looking one is a must have for someone as fashion conscious as I am.


4) Clothes and shoes


Photo from allbuy.com

I can never have enough clothes. You can mix and match almost anything! Plus, if people buy me clothes, they aren’t only being used by me, since my sisters share the same size, it’s like your giving a gift to three people! Isn’t that just awesome? In specifics, I’d like to get white shoes (heels, sandals, boots, etc) we don’t have enough of those. Clothes? I’d prefer something like a double breasted dress coat, or maybe a geek inspired shirt, or or or a nice looking blazer!


5) Canon Stuff

Photo credits to cameras.com

Canon, like the camera, not the weapon. Stuff like lenses (30mm, wide angle lens, 24mm tilt shift), studio accessories (backdrop stand, umbrellas, flash stands), manual flash (TTL able, please!),  or bags (gouache waxed canvas bags are <3). These are kind of expensive, but hey, I can dream as gigantic as I want to!


6) Les Miserables Tickets

Photo from solaireresort.com

I love Broadway and next year the Les Miserables cast is coming to the Philippines to perform. And oh my, I really want to see it! Like, intensely. With a need. My heart cries at the thought of not being able to watch it.


7) Scuba Stuff

Taken from signaturescubadiving.com

I’d love a set of scuba equipment. It’s so expensive that I can only hope to receive it by the item and not as a full set. I don’t really mind not having a set of my own, but I’d love to have something I can call mine. When you have your own set of equipment, it is said to be easier to use and because of your familiarity with it. Of course, it does come with the responsibility of maintenance.


I know that Christmas is all about giving, so on and so forth, but I really love the feeling of opening presents. I love it more so when what I find underneath the beautiful wrapper is something I’ve always wanted. Call me materialistic, but receiving something from someone feels wonderful because you feel like they care enough for you that they go out and make an effort to buy you something.

Especially if they take great care in wrapping it up beautifully just to give it to you.


  • Dianne
    Posted December 9, 2015 6:51 pm 0Likes

    I’m planning to create my Christmas wishlist blog post too. Hope, I can finish it within the week.
    I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers who are wanting to have their portable sewing machines too.

    • Julia Antoinette
      Posted December 9, 2015 11:50 pm 0Likes

      I’m surprised! I didn’t think the sewing machine would be topping christmas wish lists, tbh. 😀

  • Rej Relova
    Posted December 8, 2015 1:40 pm 0Likes

    Working on my Christmas Wishlist as well! We already bought tickets two months ago when it was on VISA Sale! 🙂

    • julia
      Posted December 8, 2015 1:45 pm 0Likes

      Is it not on sale anymore? I really really want to watch!

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