2016 Colors of the Year Outfit

Simple blue summer dress, white high heeled booties, and a pink stole used as a scarf. To accessorize, bangles on both writs, a beige woven belt on the waist, a simple golden cat necklace, and the cutest heart shaped earrings. For an even cuter outfit and completing the look, I wore my hair in in two small buns.

This outfit was specifically meant to revolve around the pink stole. The whole thing was for a shoot for Stole the Scene. They are a clothing company selling these amazing stoles. I wrote about them here! If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’d find that I’ve posted about this a while before already. The inspiration comes from the Korean fashion trend of light on light colors. I felt apprehensive with my outfit initially because I’ve never really seen a morena wear Korean fashion trends before.


The light pastel colors and lighter fabric beautifully complements the heavier drapery of the scarf. Since 2016’s colors were blue and pink, I decided to integrate it to my outfit and it turned out like this.

I am amazed how wonderful this outfit turned out, frankly. Though this isn’t my usual aesthetic, it looked quite natural on me. I actually kind of want to wear it (this outfit) more often but wearing the stole as a scarf is pretty impractical in the tropical humidity of Manila. It’ll just get uncomfortable. I’ll probably will start sweating and ruin my makeup. Which would totally ruin the image of the outfit. How can I look cool and unconcerned when I look run down?



White shoes from Japan . Stole from Stole the Scene . Shades from Thailand Public Market . Bangles from Elizabeth Accessories and H&M Philippines . Necklace from Divisoria . 

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