Monthly Archives: April 2016

White on White on White


White silk sleeved and pocketed top, and white lacey pocketless shorts. Completed with a white semi-platform canvas sneakers with no socks showing. Accessorized with a golden leaves and chain necklace, tan leather strapped rectangular wrist watch, and square golden simple earrings. A bonus accessory are the rounded sunnies for a softer look. Wore my hair loose but clipped slightly with a white pin for a subtle curl.

Stone Massage at Soneva Spa Tomas Morato


Right after you enter, you feel this calm. You are away from the summer heat, the city noise, the everyday stress. You are in a place where everything is quiet and peaceful. That’s exactly how I felt when I entered Soneva. Maybe it was the pleasant aroma, the quietness of it all, or the low lighting that seems to let you breathe deeper. The ambiance is super relaxing.

Relaxation at its most peaceful.