4 Things I Learned from Cosplaying in APCC

apcc cosplay

APCC is one of the biggest cons geeks looked forward to this 2016. With its huge success last year, more people wanted to come this year, too. Boy, did they ever come. The crowd was huge! Rightly so, an awesome event had arrived again in Manila and we loved it!

I haven’t cosplayed in so long and thought the opportunity perfect for coming back even just one last time. Read my takeaways on cosplaying in APCC.


1. Baggage Counters are the best thing ever


We have unbelievably bulky bags. Aside from the costume we lug around, there are things like extra clothes, styling products, make up, emergency costume disaster kits, and other sorts of items that we might need. In the olden days, we used to have an awesome friend that helps us carry our stuff around, or we dump it somewhere near and pray to Zeus that it doesn’t get stolen. These baggage counters are heavenly. Not only is our stuff safe, we can also freely roam around with no humongous, bulky bags that ruin our cosplay without burdening our dear friends. APCC has  provided a service of baggage counters for a Php50 per bag fee. No matter how gigantic your bag is!


2. Location Matters


Last year’s APCC was in World Trade Center. Now this location is pretty awesome in itself. BUT! There is only 1 near dining establishment here. Though they had a few stalls selling food on the lawn, it wasn’t enough for the hungry crowd. NO tables or chairs were provided, too. Parking pretty much limits the people with cars. This time, since it’s SMX Convention Center, there’s parking a-plenty and food paces scattered everywhere. It’s so much bigger! Two floors and huge halls and multiple bathrooms made a comfortable stay, for sure!


3. Beware of the Predators


In a huge congregation of so many people, it’s bound to bring in rude people who think that sexual harassment is okay. Although I might sound elitist, I find that more expensive cons bring in less of those kinds of people. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t there. The most surprising is that I found that it wasn’t the con-goers that had been rude, but the staff. It may be an isolated case, but it jarred my senses because I didn’t expect it in APCC.


4. Limited Time to See Everything


With so many things going on, and with the schedule of APCC packed to the brim, (Good job, APCC!) you have limited time to go around if you want to go see everything that’s happening. In retrospect, I should’ve scheduled properly. I missed a lot of events, but I still had tons of fun.


Unfortunately, I lost my media pass the first few hours in APCC. With a heavy heart, I bought a One Day Ticket to go back inside the Hall to look for it, but was naught with ill luck. I didn’t find it and it didn’t turn up in the Lost and Foucd. Such ended my stint in APCC. I could’ve gone back the third day and bought another ticket but I felt down and no prodding would make me go.

Without this personal grievance, the APCC created a much much much better event than last year’s. FIlled with many events, both halls were always a thunder of excitement. I wait for the next year where I think that they’ll give us an even more amazing experience. This time, if they do give me a chance again, I’ll make sure not to lose my pass.

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