5 Delicious Dishes to Try in Kuala Lumpur


We scourged Kuala Lumpur for Dishes to try and eat during our stay there. For four days, we tried street food, different cuisines, and a lot of different flavors. But there were 5 that topped my list that you guys should also try when going to KL. These are my absolute top favorite dishes to try in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Restoran Kin Kin’s Chili Pan Mee


You can actually taste its authenticity. Maybe partly the feel of the place, old, homey, dirty, and real, that’s making the dish taste so much flavorful. It’s like the difference of eating in a real tapsilogan area with no A/C, in front of a busy street, versus eating the same food at home.



2. Oyster Omelette


This oyster omelette made me go “OH MY GOD” because it tastes seriously amazing. The savory flavor just bursts in your mouth. I can’t believe that egg goes this well with oysters. They even added bean sprouts for this neutral, yet crunchy texture that helps the dish just become so awesome. I got the oyster omelette from Jalan Alor. It was already 12mn! Perks of city living!

3. Side Dish Egg Soup of Restoran Kin Kin


This soup costs nothing. Free when you purchase the Chili Pan Mee in Restoran Kin Kin. It’s basically a side dish, and I don’t know exactly why I just love this dish. If I would take a guess, maybe because the clean flavor of it contrasts very well with the Chili Pan Mee and makes it less nakaka-umay. Maybe because I just feel that this dish is a great cleanse. I just really am enamored with this really simple egg soup.

4. Legoland’s Lamb Shank


If the oyster omelette was a surprise, this stunned me. I would never have thought that a THEME PARK, of all places for Zeus’ sake, would have the best freaking lamb shank that I have ever tasted my entire life. The sauce tasted of slow cooked stew and the shank itself was so soft that it almost cut itself.  I can literally use a plastic spoon to shred it to pieces. And the flavor was so goooood. For RM40, it was good enough for two. That includes drinks and dessert!


5. Char Kway Tow

dishes to try 1

Another great Jalan Alor find! It was super tasty and yummy. It felt like a cross between Pad Thai and Palabok. They have options of serving you a small size (which, in my opinion, is still good for 2) or a large one. A lot of the establishments in Jalan Alor has this on their menu so no need to fret!


What’s your ultimate favorite food in Malaysia? Let us know what dishes to try that you’ll recommend in the comments section below!

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    Everything looks delicious! 🙂 Now this makes me extra hungry haha!

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