7 Flavors Buffet by Chef Boy Logro: Foodie Review


I have heard of 7 Flavors Buffet by Chef Boy Logro a few times already. In fact, I’ve had coffee at their cafe last year. But I have never tried their buffet. Until now!

7 Flavors by Chef Boy Logro is an international cuisine located at 196 A. Mabini Street, Brgy. Batis, San Juan. It has lush interiors which provide a relaxing experience and a big parking space which eliminates the problem of finding a parking slot. The restaurant opened its doors last May 13, 2015 to a warm reception from the who’s who in San Juan. The first floor is for those who like an ala carte type of meal while the second floor is the buffet area.

7 Flavors invited me to taste their cuisine a few days back. They boast of different kinds of cuisines, all of which are recipes made by the famous celebrity Chef Logro.

The buffet is open every day for lunch 11 AM to 2:30 PM and for dinner 5:30PM to 10PM. From Monday to Thursday lunch time, the buffet is P399.99 while dinner time is P499.99. From Friday to Sunday and holidays, both lunch and dinner buffets are priced at P599.99. The difference between weekend buffets is the presence of an action station which features something different every week. Beasically, every week they present a different dish!

Included in the buffet are drinks like lemonade and iced tea



I particularly am fond of the design of the place. When you first go in, there’s this ginormous door that you encounter. Amazingly, opening it was a breeze. The interior downstairs was very cozy and relaxed. Upstairs, it felt more open and energizing. I thought that this place is great for lively conversations!



The staff are super friendly and helpful. I especially adore the receptionist. She guided us very courteously to the buffet place and never ceased to smile. All the servers were very polite, too. Even those in the cooking window smiled while we were getting food.





Food recommendations:

Beef Caldereta

The Fall-off-the-bone super tender meat with the caldereta sauce that just won’t quit is the perfect dish. The stew has the perfect balance of spicy meaty flavor and the acidic tomato paste that just melds amazingly, you know?


Pork Salpicao

Another tender dish from 7 Flavors. Amazingly, I’ve never tried pork salpicao in my life. Beef, yes. Chicken, yes. Fish, yeah. But pork? My first time ever here in 7 Flavors. I have to say, I’m impressed! There’s also this garlicky after-taste that leaves you wanting to eat more.


DIY Taco

I think that the secret to this taco is its tomato salsa. It had the perfect blend of tomato, onion, and cilantro. That made it very fresh tasting and flavorful. AND AND AND! Since it’s DIY, you get the taco flavor proportions you want.


Secret Menu Alert: They have salmon sashimi!!! Just ask the waiter inside the window where they cook! They’ll ask you for how many persons it would be. Each serving is 4 pieces. Being a super lover of sashimi, I ordered 2 servings just for myself. And you know what? It tasted unbelievably fresh! You can taste that the fish has never seen the inside of a freezer. MUST TRY!

Secret menu: Sashimi
Secret menu: Sashimi



Of course, the food tastes amazing! I love that they use fresh ingredients. Plus, Chef Boy Logro is very much involved with cooking of the food in the restaurant. And the place looks quite like a great venue for parties. It could take on up to 180 people, if you use both floors. I think the price point is a little high if you aren’t having a party. I would think that a weekday lunch here costs very sulit, but I wouldn’t spend so much on a weekend dinner. What’s really cool about this place is that they change their dishes every week. That way, no matter how many times you eat there, you get to taste something different.


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Cash and Cards accepted
Open Daily 7 AM to 11 PM
196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City
02 5036750  |  02 7210653
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