Above Sea Level Maginhawa: Foodie Review

Above Sea Level is among the fastest growing franchise in the Metro. Heck, even in the Philippines, I bet. Within a year, Above Sea Level rose to meet the huge demands and had expanded exponentially. The target of most of these franchisees are the food parks that are popping up everywhere in the country.

This Above Sea Level restaurant in Maginhawa is the first stand alone the franchise has built. It’s ran and managed by the creator of the brand, you’ll truly experience what the restaurant is all about.


Maginhawa has become the new food hub of the North. With its huge audience of students from UP, Ateneo, and Miriam, they also cater the the wide area of residents living in the area. In turn, they drive more people from further away to come and eat there because of their unique offerings. Suffice to say, Maginhawa will always be a place full of people and food. Take care when bringing your car, though as the street gets full easily and parking becomes sparse.


Definitely, they went with a nautical theme. I loved it because of who I am as a mermaid/person. The walls were painted with underwater creatures and oceans. There were decors meant for boats, and the colors blue and white stood out.


With the influx of people the service was slower than average, but the staff were polite and respectful. It could be better, but since its in its early stages, I’m positive that it will improve in time.


They sell what they call fresh fast food. The fish and other ingredients arrive fresh daily and supposedly everything served by the end of the day. It’s fast because of its cooking style that requires so much less time, as fast as those in fast food business.

Giant Butterfly Squid

These things are huge! Their smallest order is easily bigger than my face. Seasoned with special secret spices, thy fried the squid to perfection. I love how these babies taste with spiced vinegar. It’s perfect for sharing. I did feel a bit overwhelmed and seems a little bit too tasty if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, definitely a dish worth more than its price.

Seafood Festival

Really is a festival. It’s platter good for a family and a party in your mouth! With all the seafood in this, it tastes of beach side gatherings and Filipino goodness. Plus, the corn really elevates the dish by adding a note of refreshing sweetness.

Overall of Above Sea Level Maginhawa

The food is definitely worth its price. Plus, the accessibility of the food because of the many franchises make it so easy to make it into your comfort food. I would definitely visit this branch again and make sure to try the other branches as well!

Pro tip: Bring all your friends because servings here are huge af.

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