Across and Back

A long heavy red skirt, cross tied back cropped floral top, and black and beige sandal-ed wedge heels. Completed with a minimalist golden necklace, silver flower patterned ear cuff on the left ear. On my wrists is this beautiful bracelet that had the suits of the cards as the charms.

This beautiful ensemble is perfect for the coming summer. I predict that it would be hot as hell but we can’t let that stop us from looking super chic, right? This outfit looks super elegant. You can easily wear this outdoors on a hot day without breaking a sweat. (Get it?) What I love about this is that I stay cool and fresh throughout the day.

I wore this on a particularly hot day and I really can say that it was a perfect combination. The conservative heavy drapery and the length of the skirt matched perfectly with the revealing back of the top. because of that combination, it didn’t look too conservative nor too racy.

IMG_7212   IMG_7261

The hairstyle was super easy to do, too and looks really well thought of. Just put your hair in a low ponytail and lace your hair through it on the sides. Pin it in place to keep it from moving as you go through your day. For a bit more flair, you can even add those really intricate looking combs on top of your bun. The outfit would look fancier. For classier looks, maybe a simpler set of accessories than mine.


The bracelet of suits of cards is a really subtle shout out to my fandom Homestuck! I saw it online and I just had to have it. Great thing that they had free shipping and didn’t cost a lot either! Also, I am so in love with minimalist accessories right now. I actually ordered a few more necklaces online, all of which had that air to it.
IMG_7291   IMG_7282





  • Yogo Cream
    Posted March 11, 2016 5:14 pm 0Likes

    I love your ensemble <3 By the way, where did you get your top? It's really perfect for summer.

    • julia
      Posted March 13, 2016 10:38 pm 0Likes

      The top is from Only MNL! And tehy actually convinced me to buy it for an upcoming beach trip! Hahaha

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