All White in Japan


An all white outfit. White knitted sweater with a hole and bow at the back and small pockets in front on top of a bustier dress. The outfit is styled with a pashmina worn like a scarf, tan leather watch, thigh high socks that are scrunched up, and sneakers. The feature of this all white outfit is a very light beige (almost white) leather backpack that looks very much like a Japanese schoolbag. Hair is worn in a high ponytail and makeup is natural.


I had planned this outfit a long time ago. And in line with my plan, I had worn it on my first day of really touring Japan. Although, this day, we only went shopping for cheap clothes and pasalubong.

I’ve recently fallen in love with outfits that are white on white. It looks crisp and clean. And however you put it, it absolutely looks flawless. Its super easy to match because everything is in the same color! As they say “White goes with everything.” So now white had gone everywhere. My dress, my top, my shoes. I guess one of the reasons why I have fallen in love with white on white is because I have brightly colored hair. The neutral and light tone of white brings out their brightness. Plus my hair IS the accent color(s) of the outfit.


My favorite part of this outfit is the cute back the top is sporting. The knitted top had the cutest hole on its back and is decorated with an even cuter bow. The knitwear is a great idea because it just so happened to be cold in Japan that day. It was drizzling and so very windy. The air was chilly and the top kept me cute and warm at the same time. Double bonus, yo! The pashmina is just an added styling to get the cold spring look.


I had bought this bag from in the Philippines specifically for my trip to Japan. It looks so much like the Japanese school children’s bag doesn’t it? And unlike the Japanese school bag that costs around Php20,000, this one had cost me a little over Php1000. Such a steal!  It’s also the feature of the outfit because of its simple but elegant design tied the whole outfit together.

Overall, I cannot believe how perfectly this outfit came together considering how easy and simple it was to choose the pieces.



Love my outfit? Hate it? What would you have worn differently? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!

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