Amazing Churros and Fantastic Dips: Foodie Review

My sudden relish for food parks, I find myself travelling all the way to Marikina to try the Carnival Food Park. One of the few unique stalls there calls itself “Amazing Churros and Fantastical Dips”. But what really pulled me in was their frosted churros.


Amazing Churros and Fantastic Dips can be found in the widely popular Carnival Food Park in Marikina. The stall itself stands on the left side of the park upon entering, beside the stairs going to the top deck.



The feel of the carnival itself bursts with high levels of energy. Amazing Churros, being a part of that energy, was noisy and fun. The stall’s place was a mix of colorful shades, though primarily white. That creates a clean look, albeit a fun one!



Their churros, by itself, tasted perfect. Not too egg-y or flour-y and texture feels crispy! Fried to the golden brown fried food all wish to have, it didn’t seem oily at all. The dips and frosting do not taste too sweet.

Speaking of the frosted churros, I am just loving the texture of it. The toppings really made it different and enjoyable. Since all their products are freshly made, I recommend you to eat it ASAP to savor the heat and crispiness of the dessert. A fair warning to Instagram foodies out there, the Frosted churros might break when you’re taking photos of it while holding it up. The fluffy churros can’t hold the weight of the frosting in that position for long periods of time.




Service itself can be described as typical. The staff were trained properly, but since this is a food park, they really cant do much for you unless you specifically ask for it. They were kind enough to provide us extra seats when we asked for them, but



With the plain churros at Php90 for 6 pieces and the most expensive thing on the menu is at Oho150, Amazing Churros definitely won’t let you break the bank so you can enjoy good food. No questions asked, I’d say that these churros are worth the price.


Overall of Amazing Churros

amazing churros

For sure, Amazing Churros and Dips is great last stop for dessert. The stall charmed me with lots of character. Meanwhile, they serve products freshly made and delicious, they priced it very low, too. Definitely a must try in the area! Better yet, make it a staple when going to Carnival Food Park!



Open 4pm-2am
Carnival Food Park, San Roque, Marikina

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