Aquaria Water Park: Travel Review and Guide

 aquaria water park

The sun is getting hotter and the weather becomes drier. What better vacation than a beach and water excursion? Only beaches are usually super far from the Metro and unaffordable. What happens if my busy schedule only has a single day free? Aquaria Water Park solves all that! But how?

Updated March 2017 to add walk through of the park via Youtube video.

General Information

Watch the walk through of the park so you can see what’s in Aquaria Water Park!

Weather nowadays can be unpredictable and fickle, so it’s only natural to want to go out and enjoy it when the weather is nice and sunny. Aquaria Water Park offers you a quick getaway for exactly that kind of opportunity. Imagine, a road trip and getting to the beach right away in any time of the year! Aquaria Water Park is developed by Landco and Managed by Fuego Hotels. Complete with everything you need to enjoy your stay in the sun, Aquaria Water Park offers a long list of recreational activities!

Resort Schedule

aquaria water park

Open everyday except Tuesday from 8am to 6pm. Swimming is not allowed in the pool and beach after 6pm. Overnight camping is allowed! But do bring your own tents please!


Only three hours away from Manila, Aquaria Water Park gives its guests the fun day in the sand, sun, and shore! Located at Calatagan, Batangas, no need for the super long trip just to enjoy the beach.

How to Get There

Via Car:

From the Metro Manila, use the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit either through Southwoods Exit or Sta. Rosa Exit. From there, head straight to Tagaytay Rotinda and drive through Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. When you get to the Palico intersection, turn left towards Balayan-Calatagan passing by Lago de Oro and the Calatagan Municipal Hall. Turn left just a bit after Municipal Hall at M. Apacible Street.

Via Public Transportation:

Ride the BSC Bus with the sign board “Tagaytay – Lian”. You can find theBus Terminal near McDonald’s Taft in front of Metropolitan Mall and the MRT Taft Station. Bus Fare is only Php152! Ask the driver to drop you off at 7-Eleven in Lian. From 7-Eleven, ride another bus going to Calatagan Public Market. Bus fare is pn;y Php30 and the ride lasts from 30-45 minutes. Finally, ride a tricycle that would take you straight to the resort. The tricycle fare is at Php150-200 and should take you only 15-20 minutes!



The whole place totally feels like such a fun resort. The bright colors of the kiddie pool, the clean surroundings, and the giant water slide with its floaters littered throughout the pool. It makes you want to jump right to the pool, clothes and all. The beach is also clean and fun to swim in, too bad that there are a lot of sea grass on the water so it makes it difficult to fully enjoy the ocean. If you brave the sea grass filled waters, be careful of the little sea urchins lurking beneath. If you stay close to the shore and away from the sea grass, you’ll be fine!



Aquaria Water Park has just about anything to make your fun day and the sun more fun. They have pools, slides, sand, beaches, and a lot of activities.

You can rent a boat to go to a sand bar. Just go and ride a banana boat or flying fish with your friends. For your convenience, you can even ask a staff to hire you a local boat so you can go on a mini island hopping tour to the nearest sandbar. On the way to the sand bar, you get to see the different communities and other resorts along the beach. The travel alone is entertaining and fun.

Kayaks that line the shore are also readily available for your use. Be careful not too get too far! I recommend kayaking in the morning or while the sun is setting for the best view!

Renting out fly fish and banana boats sure feel fun! These group activities fills your body with adrenaline and thrill! A definite to-do for the adventurous group.

For the people looking for relaxation, Aquaria offers massage services in the beach front cabanas! That’s right! Get a very relaxing massage in full sea breeze, and a beach view to boot!




Welcome House

Airy, spacious, and comfortable, the welcome house really does its job at welcoming its guests unto the resort. On entering the welcom

e house, you’re greeted with complementary ice cold juice to referesh after your drive. The concierge feels helpful and accommodating to all guests and multiple seats are provided while waiting.

Bath House

The bath house looks super clean and well maintained. My favorite part of the bath house is that not only do they provide stalls for showers and toilets, but have enough space before the shower to put down your bags and keep it dry. They have a dedicated person to clean and maintain the bath house which is why it is super nice all the time. Whenever there is a long queue for the showers, the staff makes sure to keep people in line and the stalls and hallways neat.


Kiddie Pool

It looks amazingly fun! The kiddie pool features a super colorful water playground that would keep your kids entertained for hours! Plus, it’s right beside the bath house so its weasy to get your kids cleaned up after the fun day in the sun.


Resort Pool

There are two pools you can swim in, aside from the kiddie pool. One is near the cabanas and the one where you get dropped off the water slide. If you get a cabana, swimming in the pool near it provides more privacy, but the one with the slide looks more fun and open.


Beach Cabana

The beach front cabanas can accommodate 6 to 8 people. I love the feels here because it’s right in front of the ocean and you get the gentle sea breeze. The aesthetic of this cabana isn’t anything to laugh at either. It’s very impressive with its wooden structure, comfy pillows, and billowing curtain. Without a doubt, this is my favorite cabana.


Cove Pool Cabana

The cove pool cabana can accommodate 8 to 10 people. This is the cabana that has a semi-private pool. It’s semi-private because the cabanas surround it on one side. Plus, its separated from the pool of the three story slide so you get less people swimming here. The cabanas itself boasts of its minimal decor, perfect for placing your stuff on the side to keep it from getting wet from your play in the water. The rental fee is Php 1,700 which is good for the WHOLE DAY!


Sunken Pool Bar

I haven’t really tried this because we went there morning and it was too early to drink. I do think hat this is a wonderful idea. Just thinking about lounging in the pool with a margarita on hand makes me feel so relaxed.

Food and Beverage Area

I love this area. Not only because they have food here, because duh, but because it’s amazing view of the ocean. The open space has a full view of the shore and sea which is the best. If the sea breeze doesn’t whet your appetite, I’m sure a quick swim right in front of the food and beverage area would. Since it’s nice and airy, the food tastes better. And I absolutely adore how I can watch them grill the food right there and then.

Three-Storey Giant Slide

The MOST fun thing EVER. With the 8-shaped inflatable, sliding down this long and winding slide can be solo or with a partner. I screamed every time I slid down, even if I did it more than once! The thrilling ride won’t be boring the swimmers any time soon. It’s very funny to watch people emerging from the slide, too. You can hear their screeches from the top of the slide all the way to the bottom, ending with a big SPLASH and a ton of laughter.



Served in the beautiful food and beverage area, the food they served totally blew me away. From the little cheese they served to the grilled shrimp and chicken, everything tasted and looked delightful. The morning snack they served us consisted of garlic bread and a slice of delectable lasagna. The lasagna itself had a very creamy and full flavor.

Second meal they served us was this amazing buffet spread of bread and cheese, pasta station, grilling station, fresh fruits, and assorted dishes. Everything was scrumptious and mouth wateringly good. Everything they grilled looked amazing and tasted even better. I can’t get over how tender and flavorsome the pork chops and the shrimp kebab were.

Third snack was a cream based pasta very close to carbonara, partnered with chicken pops. While the pasta was on par with the other appetizing dishes, I wasn’t impressed with the chicken. But with everything they made us eat, I would say that Aquaria’s dishes are ALL good and worth it.


All of the staff I encountered were super friendly and accommodating, even the cleaning lady in the bath house. The food servers will do everything they can to accommodate all your hungry tummy needs. Seriously, though. Their staff is well trained, polite, and eager to please. I couldn’t be happier.


The tour rates during peak seasons for adults is at Php 800 on weekends and Php 600 on weekdays. For kids with the height of 4 ft and below, they get a 50% off from the adult rate. The entrance fee comes with use of facilities, such as the swimming pool, beach, and bath house. Lockers can be rented for Php 150 per day. They even allow bringing in of food and beverages for a corkage fee of Php 100 per person. Cabanas are per rental and depends on which cabana.

Overall of Aquaria Water Park

I had such an amazing time in Aquaria Water Park. Not only is it super accessible and near the Metro, the amenities are all top notch and well-maintained. I don’t think there’s anywhere this close to the Metro that I would have as much fun in the sun as I did with Aquaria Water Park. Food tastes absolutely to-die-for, activities aplenty, and service unmatched. Aquaria Water Park is a great way to enjoy the sunny days ahead.


  • Come early to enjoy the sun as long as you can
  • It’s better to shower late or early to avoid the lines in the showers. It can get pretty long.
  • Sliding down the giant slide is more fun with a friend! And help you carry the bulky inflatable 3 stories up.


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