Arctic Fox Vs Sparks: What’s the Better Brand?

I’ve tried Manic Panic and Arctic Fox a while back. It seems fitting, that now I’ve tried Sparks, to write about it to. I mainly used the Sparks to attain a bright green hair with a tinge of blue. Now on to the comparisons.

Arctic Fox Vs. Sparks

Arctic Fox carries 18 colors. It’s made in the United States. I love how Arctic Fox uses some of their profits for good. Around 15% of their gains go directly to different organizations that help animals like Second Chance Animal Shelter , International Fund for Animal Welfare , and Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Sparks, on another hand, carries 19 colors. Also, it features a color wheel on their website of how to mix their colors which I think is a useful tool. Aside from that, they feature multiple hair coloring tutorials online as well as hair care ones.



AF comes in bottles and S in tubes. In terms of ease of use, I love S because it lessens the chance of getting my hands dirty. And coloring hair becomes easier to apply using a tube since you can directly put it on your brush or hair. Since AF comes in a bottle, it’s easier to store and keep for longer. However, it takes up a lot more space than S does.

They chose good packaging for each of their products though. S is more paste-y and AF tends to be more liquid-y.


Bleed and Stay

acrticsparks fox vs

AF bled a lot more and for longer. I think my blue hair bled for around at least 2 weeks. But the color remained super bright during those days. On another hand, Sparks isn’t as bright in blue but amazingly bright in green. Washes off after a few days and barely bled after that.

Arctic Fox and Sparks stay bright and colorful at basically the same rate, but I found that Spark’s blue fades quicker than that of Arctic Fox. Weird.



Arctic Fox come in two bottle sizes, 4oz and 8 oz. The small one starts at around $7.99 and the bigger one at $13.99. It’s not a bad deal for a good hair color, frankly.

Sparks is a bit more expensive. It only comes in a 3oz tube that prices at $7.99. It’s more expensive because though smaller, it costs the same.

Basically, AF sells at $2 per oz and S sells at $2.66 for the same amount. It’s not huge if you buy in small quantities but spell a big difference if you plan on coloring your hair forever.



Both brands are 100% Vegan and colors my hair very brightly. They both even have added conditioners. I found it very difficult to choose one winner. They are more or less equal in terms of quality and price. But since I have to declare only ONE champion of Hair Dyes, I would be biased in my selection. It’s the only way to choose.



Arctic Fox wins.

I am in love with blue hair and because the blue of S fades slightly faster, I would give it a minus point. I also prefer AF’s consistency. I find it easier to apply on my hair, though I know people who love the paste-y consistency of S more.


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