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They say practice makes perfect. It’s true. By practicing my art skill for years, I have progressed from someone who barely knows anatomy to being able to paint kind of realistic portraits. This is my art progress from 2008 to 2016.

I love drawing. I’ve started regularly drawing during my elementary years. It was always Sailor Moon fan art. I haven’t even heard of fan art before, but I do make many. I didn’t know any techniques or anatomy or anything. I just really like drawing Sailor Moon.

I’ve been seeing a lot of recreating drawings from the internet. It shows how they have progressed as an artist and inspires many to practice and hone their craft. I, too get inspired. I love seeing the way people have improved. It gives me hope that someday I’ll improve, too.

I recently came across this drawing of mine from 2008. I thought of recreating it to see how far my art progress have gone. Why not? I probably covered the left eye with a mask because it was super

2008 to 2016
Made 2008


This is the result to far. It still a Work In Progress (WIP) but I’ve already spent hours on it. At least 8, from my last count. In contrast to my 2008 one, I’ve probably spent an hour on it (and during class, knowing me) maybe an hour an a half at most. And I considered that as one of my best works then. I cringe at the thought of my past self even thinking it was a good work. It probably was one of my best then. But still. I am also proud of how I’ve never really stopped trying to be better. I learned techniques like using references, proper anatomy, coloring, blending, and a bunch of other stuff.

art progress

I’m sure I’ll be able to become better someday. It might take another 8 years, but I love what I do. I like spending hours creating a world. I love seeing my art progress. I love asking people for criticism so I can become better.


How have you progressed in your craft? Tell me all about it on the comments section below.

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