Artist Resolutions 2016


Last year, I’ve started to kind of not made art as much as I want to and as much as I should. This 2016, I’m pressuring myself into completing my artist resolutions. It’s the kind of thing you always tell yourself you want to do, you want to make time for, and yet you never do and never have time for. This year, it’s time to put my art in priority.


My 2016 Artist Resolutions:

1. Draw more often


Aside from drawing, the need to post it online would be really great. This resolution not only forces me to make more art and practice, it pressures me into making better and better works in the future.

2. Try new mediums


I’ve always been a pencil and paper kind of gorl. My favorite painting medium is acrylics and digital. But damn, there are so so so many more mediums I haven’t tried yet. Not just mediums, but art activities I want to learn. There is calligraphy, sculpture, sand art, etc. I don’t necessarily /HAVE/ to do it, but expanding my horizons in my art would really help my growth as an artist.

3. Attend, or better yet, join an art exhibit

Museum194 150912

attending exhibits not only broadens your view of art and shows you the merging styles, trends, and works of other artists. This is also a way for you to support your peers and their work. Of course, that isn’t the only way to support them, but it is highly appreciated.

I do see myself primarily as an artist. It’s what I finished in college, it’s what I’ve always dreamed of, it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. But, like┬ámany things, life gets in the way and it isn’t what I’m doing primarily. At least for a small part, I’d love to put art into the front of my life again.

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