Stronghand Shooting Range



Bang bang, baby!

You never know when the zombie apocalypse will come. Nor will you ever be prepared if you suddenly get sucked into an inter-dimensional adventure. Those activities need some kind of gun weilding skills I don’t possess. I knew the solution. I needed to learn how to shoot with a gun. Gun use is a valid survival skill in case those unlikely events come to pass. It was a heaven sent I found out about Stronghand Shooting Range and gave it a try.

BlogGirls’ Grand Holiday Giveaway

BlogGirls’ Grand Holiday Giveaway

I’ve recently started blogging and thanks to all of you, I’ve finally hit my 500 Facebook page likes. I know that it’s rather small compared to the many other Facebook pages and blogs out there, but I am personally very grateful to all of you. I admit I am a total n00b at what I am trying to do and I haven’t been blogging long, so I honestly appreciate all of your support. Through this, I hope that you’ll all join me as I grow as a blogger and as a person in this part of my life. I know I’ll stumble and I want all of you guys to be there as I pick myself up.

Creating a blog meant opening doors to a vast new communities. In this certain community I am referring to, I met 8 amazing girls. With these lovely people, I’d like to show everyone my gratitude. I present to everyone:

BlogGirls’ Grand Holiday Giveaway!

Easy Access Nail Tools

Details matter.
No matter how pretty and on point your Outfit of the day, if something is off, it looks off. It doesn’t look as polished or as complete. What am I getting at? Nails.

I admit, I’m guilty of not paying much attention to my nails as I should. See how awful those nails are?

You don’t need expensive manicures, pedicures, and foot spas to make it work. You can do it yourself. Yes, even nail art. It just takes a little patience and you can save a whole lot while having your nails on point.