Aztec Skirt Ensemble



Half tucked black V-neck shirt, top half of dotted with random white flecks as pattern and a mini pencil skirt with blue and earth toned Aztec pattern. Finished off with a black velvet high cut boots and no accessories. The hair is pulled into a half pony tail with the sides rolled for a more dainty feel.



Because of it’s loose half tuck, the outfit feels casual. If I leave it untucked, it feels sloppy and if it’s fully tucked, it feels very stiff. One of the great things about this ensemble is the skirt’s aztec pattern. It looks light, happy, and very playful. In contrast with the dark serious feel of the top, it creates sort of a balance.

I really love how both the top and the skirt’s fabrics are really soft and comfortable. I’d wear this the whole day and feel like I’m wearing sweater and jeans. The aztec skirt was so nice because it made my thighs look thinner. Since the skirt was short and I partnered it with high cut boots (with a tiny heel), my legs also looked longer and I created the illusion that I was taller than I am.

It helped that the loose top made me look thinner, too.


aztec 1

The lighting was pretty difficult here. Some parts were just beautifully lighted and some were either had too much light or too little. I had to resort to post production to get a better balance of the photos.

In all honesty, this ootd shoot was a bit awkward for me. I’m still trying to get a feel of how I want the photos to look so I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting.  From different locations, to the style, even the poses. Although it was awkward and challenging, I think I learned a lot in this shoot.

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