Backyard at Regalado: Foodie Review


Something new is afoot in Fairview! Northeners Rejoice! Another food park just opened its doors in our turf! Introducing Backyard, located conveniently at Regalado Avenue in Fairview!

This open area space, if I remember correctly, used to be one of the car washes along the street. Now turned into a food park, residents drop by to have a taste of the multitude of dishes that bombard your taste buds according to your liking! From Korean Bibimbap to Black Bun Burgers, this park houses it all! Backyard Food Park houses at least 10 different food stalls parked here, all of which offers a unique taste and menu from the rest. You’ll never get bored of their food diversity here, for sure!

Here are some of the dishes I’ve tried from the Backyard:

Wing It FVW

The reason we went to the Backyard Food Park was because of my craving for buffalo wings. I’m unbelievably happy that Wing It FVW sells there! We got the Classic Buffalo Wings. While it felt kind of a disappointing when we got our order, my craving was sated still. The wings didn’t have any spiciness at all. I mean, it tasted pretty good. But I was just looking for the fire-burning hotness on buffalo wings and they didn’t deliver. Although that didn’t remove the fact that they were delicious still.
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Getta Pound Burger


Getta Pound Burger sells black bun burgers! We got a double patty one with the works! Since it came with fries, it made me delightfully happy. The all-beef patty was to die for and, good God, the sauces just complimented everything so smoothly! I’m definitely giving their burgers a Two Thumbs Up!
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Secret Window


From Secret Window, we got their Baby Back Ribs. It tastes as good as it looks! The barbecue sauce they put on the ribs amazingly goes with the melted cheese on the plate. That’s right! It’s oozy cheesy goodness on a slab of pork! Such sinful creation made just for us.

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Backyard also serves this big-ass to-share fish bowl iced tea. It’s a cute concept. Just so you know, it tastes just like any normal iced tea. They also serve shakes, water, and ice cold beer! Woohoo!

I just super love the aesthetic they went with this. It feels like a cross between your homey and comfortable backyard and a lively colorful festival. Since they sell beer here, it feels unbelievably chill. We took our time eating and just lounging about the premises. Though, I do wish that all the tables had an awning or roof of some sort. Consequently, if it rained, it would definitely be disastrous to the diners.


I really tried my best to order from each and all the food stall, but it was just so many and we were too few. However, I’m not worried. I’m sure I’ll be coming back to the Backyard super soon!

Like tomorrow. Of course, I’ll be updating this as more dishes are tried!


Have you visited any food parks recently? Don’t you just love the options? Please, tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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