Bad Bird BGC: Foodie Review

This Holy Week proved to be a good time to try new restaurants since my favorites are closed for the holiday. Together with a good friend of mine, we stumbled into Bad Bird in Serendra BGC.

Both of us were craving meat and although Bad Bird is famous for their chicken (thus the name), we opted to order their grilled meats!


Bad Bird can be found in Serendra BGC. It’s surrounded by many other eating establishments. I find it difficult to choose Bad Bird with the number of options around, but its not a hard-to-find place. Their signage looks captivating, too, and drives the customers to flock to the entrance.


The place itself has the modern industrial feel. With its black walls and murals, it definitely crosses over to the hip ambiance that seems to be popular nowadays. Even though the space is limited, Bad Bird really pushed its aesthetic and created a harmonious atmosphere.


As I said before, the Bad Bird in BGC is small. However, it captivates customers creating the need for more servers. The establishment did not disappoint and had been able to provide all the customers with amble service. All the servers were polite and efficient. I especially love their quick eye and even quicker assistance.


Smoked Bacon

Grilled with vegetables, this 2 skewers of meat is perfectly cooked and seasoned well. I love the texture and melt-in-your-mouth feel of it, as well. Unlike the traditional slices of bacon, it comes in big chunks which only locks in the pork flavor. Of course, their plating cannot be overlooked as it is presented beautifully. This dish comes with a side of coleslaw and 2 slices of char grilled pear. The pear fitted perfectly with the grilled meat because it gives a refreshing taste and cleanses the palate.

Pepper Steak

Similar to the smoked bacon, the pepper steak comes in 2 skewers. Their difference is that it is not grilled with vegetables and kind of looks like a middle eastern dish. Served with char grilled pear and coleslaw like the smoked bacon, it comes with grilled corn on cob. The pepper steak is heavily seasoned but its heavy flavor complements the meat amazingly. It isn’t as tender as the smoked bacon but definitely not difficult to eat either.

Side Dishes

When ordering the side dishes, I recommend getting a four course one since it’s much cheaper per dish. Their serving size is decent too. We ordered eggplant agedashi, spinach, mashed sweet potato, and scallops pancake. Eggplant agedashi became my favorite. Although, everything tasted really good, the spinach did not match the grilled meat and we should have gotten something else.

Overall of Bad Bird BGC

You know that a place is good when even their non-specialties taste amazing. Their service is top-notch and were able to handle an influx of people. Bad Bird deserve a two thumbs up and more visits!

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