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When we were young and carefree, we used to go to playgrounds with these really big pools filled with colorful plastic balls. We’d play with the other kids, pretend we’re at sea, and have the time of of short lives. Then we grew up. And playing in those icky ball pits with the toddlers seem so uncool. Even though your heart shouted that you wanted to have fun there, your mind was saying no. Not anymore.


There is a newly opened ball pit for adults! Ball Pit Manila takes you back to the time when you cared not about anyone but to have fun. And we are at the age when showing off your inner child is an amazing thing.

Ball Pit Manila is located in Makati. It was actually quite difficult to spot. Good thing that Ball Pit Manila had emailed the guests the location and where to enter so they won’t get lost.

But dear Zeus. Boy, was it fun! And weirdly, it was relaxing, too. You can actually sink into the middle of the many white plastic balls and the only things your eyes will see are those. But you can breathe easily and move quite freely so it’s not obtrusive and really oddly calming.

IMG_7423 IMG_7426  IMG_7483

But you can also be your silly self and jump around, swim around, and play around however you wish.

The Ball Pit had two sections of lounges that you can stay in and take a breather from all the fun.

It’s rates are at an hourly basis. They implement their timetable pretty strictly, too. And it is a good thing that they do. The place isn’t very big and can only accommodate up to so many.

Do be careful if you’re bringing your phone into the pit itself. Don’t put it in your pockets because the balls might push on it until it falls out. It happened to me and without the help of their staff, I probably wouldn’t have found it.

Overall, the experience was really fun and I hope to come back soon!

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