Bare Naked Banawe Branch: Sugar Waxed!

Whether you’re a veteran sugared or just want to try getting waxed, Bare Naked Banawe looks like a place to go to! 


Central in the busy Banawe Street, Bare Naked Banawe Branch has a very accessible (by car and commute) location in Wellness Building. There is outdoor and basement parking available to those with cars.  The branch is also easily reachable by those who take public transportation as jeepneys are plentiful in the area.


Bare Naked Banawe feels clean and warm upon entering. The comfortable yet stylish couch is inviting as the friendly staff welcomes you.

Their bathroom was clean and well stocked. It had the basics of soap, tissues, and Feminine wash. Which is really important if you’re going to get a Brazilian wax. You can even take a shower in their bathroom!


You would expect exceptional staff members from service related businesses such as this one. Worry not, their staff did not disappoint. All of them treated me with courtesy, respect, and professionally. Nothing less from Bare Naked Banawe. Especially sine I got a full body waxing, their employees that would handle me would see EVERYTHING. As in my full body. Now, I’ve never been prudish in my naked body. My background in arts had me looking at naked bodies and seeing them as forms. I would imagine, though, that someone who feels self conscious would be iffy about this process. I give you my guarantee that they will never make you feel self conscious about it. They would do their best to make you feel comfortable. 10/10 in terms of service!


I had gotten the full body service to be able to bring you a complete and full review of all their services. However! Their full body does include almost all the body. Except the face. Their face waxing isn’t the full face either, but Cheeks and forehead and chin. Just a friendly PSA that it’s a misnomer that we should be aware of.

We started with the Brazilian wax for my private areas. They would use a wad of sugar wax and spread it across your skin then quickly rip it off, your hair coming with it. I suggest, for first timers, to drink two advils an hour before your service. It could be painful but Bare Naked Banawe does their best to lessen it. They would press down on the newly waxed area to dampen the pain. It works!

After the Brazilian, the waxing salon would bring out another staff to wax you so it won’t take a super long time. One would do the right side and the other, the left. Both of them were very good at what they were doing. Making sure that all the hair has been waxed off, they would sometimes repeat the area several times.

The other parts are not even remotely as painful as Brazilian. More like peeling mask off your face, not painful at all for me. They waxed me meticulously, even including my knuckles and toes!

It would feel a bit sticky after the service even after they clean you up with a damp cloth and put on soothing lotion on your skin.

They would remind you of the rules of waxing such as don’t wet the waxed skin for 4-6 hours, avoid perspiration, sun, chemicals for around 48 hours, and try not to wear tight clothing for a few days.

The area for waxing was pristine, too. Though I don’t like their bed covers, it was for a personal aesthetic reason. Everything else is neat and well organized.

Overall of Bare Naked Banawe


I say that Bare Naked Banawe fit the description of impressive. Their service exceeds expectations. The ambiance is good, but since the establishment is new,  I would expect them to rise above good and be wonderful as they add more decor and tighten the aesthetics. Their waxing, I found meticulously done, while being aware of the client’s possible self consciousness. I’m sure that I’ll be visiting again soon.

Watch out for updates of the post as I try their other services like the eyebrow threading!

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