Bavaria: The Philippines’ New Premium Beer


I’ve noticed that lately, there have been a lot of new beer brands that have been popping up, or have been gaining popularity. Local draft beers, Brew Kettle, and caramel beers to  name a few are some of those beers. I can tell how the market for beer had boomed. I guess it’s no wonder that a new beer brand would take its place in the Philippine market.

The Launch

Wondering how a beer launch would go in a supposedly quiet coffee shop, I stepped into the UCC Mentore in SM Aura Premier to attend Bavaria’s beer launch in the Philippines last Saturday night. My answer revealed itself as I stepped into the premises and found that UCC Mentore had a balcony area reserved just for the event that night.


Strobe lights were on and fun party music was playing while food and beer were being freely served. It felt like a different place and not at all a cafe. This was a setup I liked. I loved how the Bavaria team used digital media to put up product placements around the place. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the media used are dazzling and dynamic.

The Bavaria Beer

It was the first drink I’ve had that night. They offered a variety of non-alcoholic drinks too, of course, but I wanted to taste Bavaria before my tongue was sullied by other flavors. It was the typical taste of a well-made European beer, which is really good because European beer blends are really full and strong. What made Bavaria stand out was because this drink, relative to the many beer flavors in the market, is strong and beautifully swabe (or smooth).


My problem with the other European beer was that, even if their blends are delicious, it’s quite difficult to swallow. It’s like I like the beer, but it’s difficult to finish a bottle of it. Bavaria beer is as strong and as delicious as those existing in the market, and it’s refreshing and smooth taste really lets its brand stand out. I didn’t even realize I had finished a bottle when I was drinking Bavaria. The beer was that smooth.

I really am impressed that this beer had only 5% alcohol content but still retained its full flavor. Unlike some brands, when the alcohol content goes down, so does the flavor. It doesn’t taste watered down, and still delivers a great feel-good buzz.

Bavaria Beer Origins

Bavaria Beer is an independently owned family brewery from Holland. They started the gorgeous beer brew since 1719. That’s almost 300 years of perfecting this beer! What makes the Bavaria Beer so refreshingly good is that the beer is brewed with fresh spring water of Bavaria. This makes it light, but oh so flavorful. With seven generations of family tradition and beer brewing, it isn’t a far flung rumor that Bavaria created the tradition of Oktoberfest by watching horse races and drinking beer. Last October, it was recognized as one of the best, resilient, and adaptive beers in the world.


In the Philippines

Bavaria Premium Beer had just entered the Philippine market last week. This amazing brew can be found in all 7/11 stores nationwide. The beer is available in 330ml bottles and cans for less than Php80. The Bavaria team is targetting that by next year or as early as Christmas, it will be available in most grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants.


By next year, the Bavaria team will be introducing their other products to the Philippine market. They have what they call “8.6%” which has an alcohol content of its name. It’s a stronger version of Bavaria Premium Beer, and delivers a special buzz. They will also introduce “0.0%” available in different flavors.

You can visit Bavaria PH’s Facebook page for more updates and news about this beautiful new brew.

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