Beach Spring Blossoms


Off cream rose blossoms patterned halter strapped dress with a ribbon tied in front, white lace up sandals, and a simple minimalist necklace. Completed with a flower crown while sporting a side braid that is filled to the brim with flowers.

I wore this outfit when we were just going to lounge around the resort in Iloilo. It was a very airy and light outfit, but the tightness of it on the bust made it look a bit more elegant rather than just casual.


The sandals were pretty hard to put on and make sure they stay one. I don’t really know how people usually get their laces up in these kind of sandals. After a while, like two minutes after these photos were takes, the laces fell down to my ankles. I didn’t bother to put them back up after that and just enjoyed it as is. Good thing the sandals look cute even when the laces are all down.


What I really love and took time to make was my hair. For my hair length, it maybe took around 50 flowers, albeit small fake ones, to finish this off. To anyone who would want to try this kind of hair I have a few tips. Number one is to not use plastic flowers. They look super fake and the shine they give off looks very tacky. Number two, use different sizes and colors of the flowers to make it look varied and not boring. Number three, if you’re using these thick paper ones, make sure it’s not going to rain or it won’t get wet. These flowers will bleed if you let them  touch water. Lastly, number four, think of how your hair will contrast with it. If you have dark hair, get lighter colors, and if you have light hair, get darker tones.



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