Belmont Hotel: Travel Review

Belmont Hotel boasts of its stylish modern rooms, luxury in a contemporary setting, and a soothing space to relax after a hectic day.


Strategically located near the airport of NAIA terminal 3, this is a must stay for travelers that need to fly out quite early or don’t want the hassle of a long commute to the airport. You can technically walk to the terminal but the walkway is kind of far and with all the construction, the roads get dusty. So ugh, no thank you. But uber or grab or a cab (pick your preference) fare is like less than Php100. If you have a ton of stuff (like me usually), it’s super sulit.

Since they built it in the vicinity of Resorts World Manila, you’re sure that there are endless array of entertainment, food places, and night life.




My room was a single queen bed on the 6th floor overlooking the city. Since it wasn’t too high up, my view was pretty okay. It was kind of weird that I was facing a multi level open parking lot so they can see my room if ever they were there.

The bed was too comfortable. I loathe to leave it, but I had to sometime. The blanket wasn’t some thin sheet, but a thick comforter. With the air conditioner turned on, cuddling under the covers was so so amazing. With 4 fluffy pillows, I am not at fault for not wanting to leave.

The weird thing about the room was their TV. I tried to turn it on and I couldn’t so when I investigated, this was what I found. Maybe its normal? I have no clue.

There’s a hairdryer available! I hate bringing my own hairdryer. They also have 3 outlets. Two in the room and one in the bathroom.



The bathroom is big where the shower had a glass wall overlooking the bed. For privacy, it had blinds that you can put down. Spacious, the bathroom also had necessary amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They provide 2 dental kits, a vanity kit, and shaving kit. But boo! They don’t have a bidet. Why do fancier hotels not get bidets?



It wasn’t tiny, but it wasn’t large either, their gym. It had a few treadmills, weights, and other work out machines. On the side were yoga mats (when I called, they said, they didn’t offer yoga, but I was calling about the mats, though. #rage). Apparently, a sauna is available, but I had not seen it either.



I didn’t swim, but I can see how enticing and relaxing it would be to lounge on the pool area of Belmont Hotel. The pool had this cute built-in lounger that you can have your body comfortably submerged in water while reading a book or sipping your long island. On the side, under a gazebo, was a jacuzzi. Alas, I must say, I never even went near that area so I have absolutely no clue whether the water is hot or cold or if the size is cute.  Several lounge chairs in vicinity with a few outdoor tables and chairs.

During the night, they light up the pool with underwater color changing lights. It looks absolutely perfect since a bar is just there. The lights give off the night life feel and still highlights the pool and make you want to go night swimming.



Belmont Hotel’s alcoholic drinks were too expensive, in my opinion. If it were 50Php less, it would have been fine for me. It situates in front of the pool, so I guess the intent was for you to enjoy the water as you sip your margarita or something. The colored lights of the pool do give off the bar night life vibe, so that’s cool.





Though the wifi speed is great, it was difficult to connect inside the room. The best place to connect would be the lobby and the restaurant. You don’t need a password to connect. At the landing page, just enter a valid email address and you’re good to go.

Mobile Data

Globe has LTE/4G connection, however Smart is kind of struggling in terms of data in the area.



Smaller than I would have expected for a fancy place. There are two places that serve as a waiting area/ sititng area. I guess since Belmont isn’t super duper big, it works. But it does feel crowded during the mornings (because people line up near there to get to the breakfast buffet) and when a group of people try to check-in/ check-out at the same time.

They do offer transport shuttles to the airport. Just be sure to schedule with the concierge. They can advise you on what time to be at the lobby and have the shuttle expect your ride.




Their food is reasonably priced for a hotel cuisine. It’s not cheap, of course, but it isn’t crazy expensive either. Even the room service isn’t too crazy either. Still, the breakfast buffet had a lot to offer, but none was really super outstanding. I do love the sausages. Aside from the normal buffet fare, they set up an egg station where you can order your eggs cooked in your preference. I even tried poached eggs and it was nicely cooked. One of the cuter parts of the breakfast buffet was their pastry table with beautiful assorted muffins that just entices you to eat them.



I tried their wake-up call and they called on the dot. It says a lot about the hotel concierge. Quite kindly, my bags were checked in before me, so I had the privilege of not needing to bring my luggage up.



The estimate of the room is around Php 6000. But, prices change without prior notice but you can check the daily rates here. They usually have promos that you can take advantage of and you can check it out here.


Overall of Belmont Hotel

Belmont Hotel was well maintained, clean, and up to par with many modern hotels. With the amazing location being so close to the airport and multiple establishments, it is a great find within the area. Belmont Hotel’s greatest advantage over its competitors is its amazing location. Since its really near the airport, you can relax comfortably while waiting for your nest flight, especially if you have a flight really early or quite soon.


Did you have a similar experience with Belmont Hotel Manila? 


Disclaimer: This stay has been sponsored by TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) in partnership with Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and the Department of Tourism. 



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