Best Dressed in #EBloggersBall


#EBloggers ball is the event of the season that fashion bloggers have been looking forward to. Sponsored by E! TV and Clozette, along with C2 Cool and Clean, the event turned out awesome!

This year, EBloggersBall was held in the luxurious Grand Ballrooms (yes, we took up 2 ballrooms) of City of Dreams Manila. It’s such a fancy place and the guests did not disappoint with their fancier and gorgeous outfits. But of course, I have my personal favorites. Introducing the best dressed that I think stole the show:


Camey Flores and Tina Cruz


Camey’s dress was designed by none other than her sister Carla Flores. Tina’s, on the other hand, was designed by Justine Navato. I love both their gowns’ beadwork and flow. Glowing as much as their outfits sparkled, Camey and Tina didn’t just not disappoint the red carpet, they owned it.

Jean Dalida


Jean’s outfit designed by Patricia Syciatco looks exquisitely unique. The only one to wear a jumpsuit like this in the event, she truly stood out and made an impression on everyone. I especially just love Love LOVE the intricate and heavy detailed accessories because she matched with the un-embroidered jumpsuit.


Kim Santiago


Kim’s wearing a knock-out gown by Rex Nicdao. Her ensemble teases the eyes to her gorgeous curves. Of course, the long train adds the feeling of majesty and elegance. Matching her earrings to the beadwork of her gown just tied everything together and it was just ravishing!



Danah Gutierrez and Stacy Gutierrez


Stacy and Danah Guttierez’s beautiful gowns are both made by Nino Angeles @ninoangeles.  I love how the structure of the gown just emphasizes the duo’s curves and assets. The gorgeous material also falls down quite resplendently. With their hair loose and curled matching with the sultry makeup, they just shot the attractive levels off the moon!


Jeline Catt


Jeline’s flowy dress is made by Bengt Enrique. Of course, I just adore the many frills of it and its unconventional neckline. The silky material also gives of a medieval fairy vibe that I think she just rocked.


After all those amazing outfits, of course, I’ll have to shout out to my designer Rowii Sena who created my gown. It wasn’t the first time I wore this dress, but this event called for my most glamorous gown so I just had to wear it again. You can see the full fashion post when I wore it during Promstuck. 



So, who do you think is the best dressed? 

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