Black Grey Brown


Black silk top, black gartered cotton skater skirt, and a dark grey thick one button three fourths sleeved blazer. Accessorized simple chain to hoop gold necklace and a tan leather rectangular Nine West watch. with a black felt bowler hat. The whole thing is partnered with a sturdy leather brown boxish bag, a brown weaved belt,  and a pair of really high cut black leather boots.


This outfit needed to be double purpose. I had a product launch to attend in the morning. In the evening, I had to be at a more formal function. It’s a good thing that the leather boots are easily replaceable with heels. Although, I rather just adore the boots combo over the heels combo.

Totally unlike my previous Wardrobe Wednesday post, I would not recommend this for going out this summer. It’s totally comforrtable in airconditioned malls, but if you want to survive the heat, go for a flowier and lighter ensemble.


I got this bag through OLX. It’s actually a vintage camera bag. It’s super cool because it has these removable compartments inside for your different lenses and such. Since I only bring 2 lenses at one time, I use the other compartments to organize my other things like wallet, cards, etc. Its super tough too, with only one way of opening it, so thieves can’t use knives or do evil deeds without you knowing. On the downside, it’s kind of heavy so I can’t lug it around too much.



This necklace is a great buy. I think I only spent less than Php150 for it. Its super cute and simple and easy to pair with outfits. I got it online (of course I did). If you want tips about shopping online for fashionable items, you can read my post about it here.



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