Black Cloth for Flowers on Flowers


Long sleeved tight fitting crop top with lace bottoms, filled with flowers, patterned all over, and partnered with loose drawstring pants with even bigger flowers. The whole outfit is melded together with a nude flat sandals with golden finishes. Those gold finishes is complemented with a delicate golden leaf chained necklace.



This outfit totally rocks when you need to go somewhere and not want to really dress up. Also tres perfect for very lazy days but you want to look absolutely on point. The loose bottom made it so easy to go around. Plus the flats I wore looked cute and classy. That classy look made it less dizzying with everything that was going on with my ensemble.



I wore this when 7 Flavors by Chef Logro invited me for a bloggers dine out. I knew I was to meet fellow bloggers and potential clients, so I needed to look nice. But I didn’t want to get out of comfortable clothes. Moreover, I knew they served buffets so I needed something that won’t make my tummy look super big.

If you’ve eaten with me, you would know that I get really cold easily when I’m digesting. I don’t know why! I just do! The first parts that start freezing are my extremities, then my arms, and eventually, I’ll be shivering. Because of that, I made sure to wear long sleeved top. Practical and pretty!


I have to admit, it was super super difficult to take OOTDs in 7 Flavors. Like, it was night and the lights were very dim and it just wasn’t very conducive for outfit photography, you know? We did try our best to capture what I was wearing. That flower pattern that are both black, but differing sizes were just a match for me. It clicked in my mind that I had to wear this together.

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