Bleach, Please by Arctic Fox Review

Bleach, Please by Arctic Fox Review

Bleach, Please is finally out! Arctic Fox has been teasing us with their bleaching kit set for forever. They released the set on November 2019 and it IMMEDIATELY sold out! I was unbelievably lucky enough to get my hands on a set. The timing could not have been more perfect. I got it right before Christmas, when my hair has been unbleached for a year now.

Because my hair has been untouched by bleach for a long long time, we can consider the black part as virgin Asian hair again.

I get why Bleach Please has had the awesome launch they just had. Its one of the few bleach kits that are 100% vegan and cruelty free while being amazingly premium because of the ingredients they use.

If you want to watch my video review, I’ve embedded the YouTube video below:

Packaging and Contents

The Bleach Please set comes in a very pretty packaging. A box of the set contains the cream bleach, developer, a pair of latex-free gloves, and safety & instruction manual.

bleach please box and contents
Bleach, Please comes with cream bleach, developer, gloves, and an instruction manual

The cream bleach surprised me on how thick the formula is. Its consistency reminds me of toothpaste, but coarser and a wee bit thicker. Being used to powder bleaches, I really didn’t know what to expect.

cream bleach arctic fox texture
Arctic Fox Bleach, Please Cream Bleach Texture

This vegetable-based cream bleach has Polycare Split Therapy which is a non-iritating, non-ecotoxic, natural-based functional ingredient developed to prevent split ends. It looks kind of purplish in color, too. The cream bleach holds a violet base to counteract yellow tones.

I’m very much looking forward to the purple base since I always have such brassy hair after bleaching.

The developer meanwhile, looks the exact opposite. Very silky and fluid. Much more fluid than what I expected. It smelled exactly like what a developer would smell, though.

Developer arctic fox
Arctic Fox Bleach, Please Developer

BUT! I found out that this developer has all the amazing goodness that came with Bleach Please! It contains mango seed butter, castor oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, acai, papaya fruit extract, and arginine. All these good stuff keeps hair healthy even when you’re basically stripping off its layers to lighten it.

I love the gloves that come with the kit. It’s latex-free! Plus, its a very quality glove. Looks and feels so durable, I kind of want to use it forever. Which, I think I shouldn’t. Should I?

How to use Bleach, Please

Arctic Fox Bleach Please

According to the instructions, Arctic Fox recommends a 2:1 ratio of developer to cream. Do read the instructions included in the Bleach, Please box. Different bleaching solutions have different optimal ways of using so better safe than sorry! The instructions are very easy to follow anyway so no need to fret.

Time to Bleach!

By using the Arctic Fox recommended 2:1 ratio of developer to cream for the mix, the result looks runnier than usual bleach powder-developer combos I’ve used.

It DOES make the bleach so much easier to apply, though the runny formula makes it prone to messes as well. I’ve been dripping it everywhere! Of course, that may just be me. The runnier solution really shortened the time spent on bleaching, as well.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do a patch test first to see if your skin has an adverse reaction to the bleaching solution
  • Do use gloves! The set contains its own gloves so if you don’t have your own, Arctic Fox gloves are there!
  • Bleach your hair in a well ventilated area. The fumes can be harmful to your health so let’s all stay safe.
  • Keep an eye on your hair while its processing
  • Do rinse out all the product thoroughly as soon as you achieve your desired level of lightness
  • Reach out if you have any questions! You can contact me or Arctic Fox, we’ll be both happy to help
  • Don’t use a metal bowl or instruments to mix bleach
  • Don’t apply bleach directly to scalp
  • Don’t use Bleach, Please to remove color from hair (there’s an available color remover for this!)
  • Don’t bleach over already lifted hair to avoid breakage
  • Don’t bleach twice within 48 hours. I recommend waiting a month or more to rest your hair before bleaching again

Pro Tips on Bleaching

  • Try to not wash your hair for 2 days, it builds up oil in the scalp that can protect it from the harsher chemicals in the bleach.
  • Use gloves and make sure your clothes are covered. The bleach can destroy your clothes and discolor them!
  • Pay close attention to the color of your hair while it is processing. The recommended amount of time is 15-45 minutes.
  • Don’t use conditioner if applying color right after bleaching. Conditioner adds a layer against elements to your hair and the colors might not be able to stick to the strands properly.
  • Please do not apply the volume developer directly on the scalp.

Bleach Please Results

I love the runny solution of this bleach. Putting on my hair is much easier, though I am prone to dripping it all over the place. The solution itself takes a longer time to “expire”. That is, to foam up and render the bleach useless. Because of the longer time for it to expire and the bleach being easier to apply, I feel like I got the most out of Bleach Please.

Color & Level of Lift

With the formulation of the bleach with a bit of purpling, it claimed to tone the hair as it bleached. I am happy to say that it did! Although, I would have wished for more toning. But I do get it that if they did add more purple, it would be too much on platinum level of hair lift and turn the hair purple.

I had expected that the lift to be higher than what I had achieved though. Of course, Virgin Asian Hair is one of the most difficult to lift. I remember the first time I bleached, it was a dark brown mess and not at all light. It took around 6 sessions (That’s 6 months worth!) of bleaching for it to be ready for coloring.


The texture of my hair after using Bleach Please feels the ABSOLUTE best. It felt unbelievably soft and I just could not stop touching my hair after washing it. It wasn’t brittle at all either. This was the least amount of hair fall I had experienced after bleaching.

Usually, after bleaching, my hair feels coarse and fragile and brittle. This time, using Bleach Please, it felt softer than normal. WHICH IS AMAZING AND WEIRD. I would not have thought bleach could soften hair. Even when wet, (when the hair is most brittle) my hair did not break from combing it. I think it helped that it was really smooth after the shower.

Overall Thoughts

I loved the result that this product delivered. Comparing my 1st bleach ever to after Bleach Please, you can totally see that its as good as two bleaches. Arctic Fox really created a premium bleaching kit that gives quality results.

Bleaching comparisons arctic fox
Left: 3 Weeks after first bleaching ever; Middle: After bleaching with Bleach, Please; Right: After second bleaching

Not only was the lift better, it gave better texture to hair and did not induce hair fall.

The best thing about this is that 15% of all the profits of Arctic Fox goes straight to NGOs that prevent animal cruelty, so you aren’t just getting quality products, you’re also supporting a company that really gives back.

I definitely would go the extra mile to buy this. Living in the PH has its downsides, i.e. the need to ship Arctic Fox products internationally, but I will persevere to get more of Bleach Please. I am truly converted with its premium quality.

UPDATE: Coloring after Bleach Please

If you watched my video during my bleaching, you would know that I said I might bleach my hair again after a month before coloring. That way, I could achieve a level 10 lift (good enough for pastel hair). Well, I could not wait at all! A few days later, I itched for my dazzling colors and dyed my hair. I was unsure of what the result would be, but it was glorious.


I used multiple Arctic Fox hair dyes namely Purple Rain, Poseidon, and Aquamarine. These three are my ultimate favorite colors. As usual, their hair dyes are bright and brilliant. Streaks of violet, blue, and teal on the top, coming together as indigo on the bottom.

The level of lift that Bleach Please in one go had my hair level for such intense colors. Of course, in the next month, I’ll probably be prickling to bleach my hair again and change color. I’ll be updating this as I go for the second bleach and how it looks when its only for the roots. Stay tuned!

You can get Bleach, Please on the Arctic Fox website and follow them on Instagram. You have to check in often, though because they have been selling out.

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