Blogger Babes Asia Launch


Blogger Babes is a community of driven female bloggers seeking solutions and support to successfully navigate the highly competitive arena of online curation and blogging. Our members gravitate toward lifestyle topics, such as the fashion, beauty, food, travel, DIY/decor and parenting niches. We provide education, sponsored campaigns, networking events, and business coaching and support services.


Blogger Babe is now also in the Philippines! They held the launch last October 3, 2015 at Vyne, W Center Building, Taguig City. Although it was farther than I usually go to events, I braved the Metro traffic to arrive on time to this launch.

The event itself was not just a launch of the Blogger Babes in Asia, it was also a workshop for female bloggers on how to improve and market their blogs. When most of the goers had been settled in, Heidi Nazarudin was the first to talk.


Heidi is the co-founder of Blogger Babes. She talked about how to make the look of the blog consistent, how the timeline of blogging should be, and so many other things. I personally think her talk was what I needed this moment to smoothen the way of my blogging.


The next speakers were the VernVerniece sisters. They talked a lot about what new time bloggers should know. They gave many tips on being a successful blogger. They talked about how to handle haters, how important it is to be yourself, and how much you need kapal ng mukha. They were funny, very bubbly, and a lot of fun!


The final speaker was Dana and Cristina Decena, whose topic was similar to the VernVerneice sisters’. It was unfortunate that Cristina was absent. She was abroad for work and could not make it. Aside from the blogging and monetization tips, her talk though had a bit more about Vlogging. Dana and her sister, also have a youtube channel and she talked about how they went from blogging to vlogging. Cristina had prepared a video of her vlogging tips and it was informative and so very entertaining!

After the workshop, we were given some time to mingle with our fellow bloggers. It was wonderful to meet a lot of them and I feel a stronger connection with the blogging community. Many of my fellow bloggers were very passionate about this craft. I love how the enthusiasm of it just flows around the room. I also got to thank Heidi for the wonderful talk she gave. It really inspired me to give more to blogging. I really am thankful I got to attend this event.


The final part of the event was a raffle they had prepared, thanks to the sponsors like the brands Shu Uemura, Asos, and a lot more. I guess the lucky stars were shining on me that day because I won a beautiful leather bag. We even had a group photo at the end to commemorate the beautiful event.

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