Bulgogi Brothers Greenbelt 5: Foodie Review

Photo from Bulgogi Brothers Website
Photo from Bulgogi Brothers Website

Bulgogi Brothers is a Korean Restaurant that is quite in the higher end of the spectrum in terms of restaurants. Being part of the Bistro Group of restaurants, we enjoyed their 10% off of food and drinks.

We had ordered something simple and truly Korean. A bowl of Bibimbap and a serving of Ssamgyupsal


The ambiance feels very classy. Like most Bistro restaurants, Bulgogi Brothers proves to be a great date place, and an even merrier fancier than most family gathering place. Equipped with very comfortable chairs, most of which were couches, it was a pleasant look for


Like many higher end places, Bulgogi Brothers has their service on point. Servers that serve water even before you ask, always courteous, always smiling. The time of the arrival of food is also excellent. Service-wise, I couldn’t ask for more.

Side Dishes

bulgogi brothers
Free | Assorted Dishes

They have kimchi, pickled vegetables, fried small fish (dilis), corn on cob, salad, and even korean miso soup! All of which are free and refillable. They’re kimchi is very good. I think that we finished 6 or so servings between 2 people.

Bulgogi Bibimbap

Php395 | Traditional Korean Favorite

We ordered Bibimbap because of my craving. Since I haven’t had rice in so long, this comfort food felt perfect. It came out hot and beautiful. But before we could take a photo, our server had started mixing all the rice, vegetables, egg, and sauce together. So we are left with a flurry of a photo. Though my photo doesn’t look as appetizing as how they had presented it, it damn well tastes good. However, it feels too gourmet and my palate looking for a more authentic taste was a bit disappointed.

Pork Belly BBQ or SsamGyupSal

Php 495 | Traditional Ssam Gyup Sal

We opted for our Ssam Gyup Sal to be cooked in their kitchen instead of in front of us. We didn’t want to smell smoky, but it did rob us the pleasure of watching out food cooked. I do suggest that you have them cook it in front of you, that way you get the full experience as well as control the rarity of your meat.

You can have your Ssam Gyup Sal with either veggies or rice. Personally, I just love Ssam Gyup Sal in veggies instead of rice. The feeling of the freshness of the lettuce on my mouth contrasted with the meaty flavor is just perfect.



Though the price range of this restaurant is higher than most, I would say that their quality more than makes up for it.


Though honestly, I would much prefer a less gourmet Korean cuisine and opt for a cheaper and more authentic Korean taste.

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