Cafe Adriatico Malate: Foodie Review

Cafe Adriatico has become an institution. From early 1980’s, it has been known to be the most popular date place in Manila. My parents had their dates there before they even got married. Years later it’s still a popular place for diners.

Cafe Adriatico pulls into its embrace lagacies and generations of people who have always been coming. It usually starts when the parents had dated there, got married, brought their family there. Those kids would bring their date there, get married, then bring THEIR own families in turn.


In the heart of Malate near the rotunda, it has a beautiful location. But again like many Manila establishments, parking can be quite difficult especially when a crowd has gathered. Although there is street parking right outside it could get full pretty uickly with all the establishments around.


If you imagine a cafe that’s perfect for a date, that image would reflect on how Cafe Adriatico looks. The place is mostly wood works and older designs of chair. Usually, older designs would make it look and feel like an outdated place. Cafe Adriatico exudes class and only seem quaint and vintage instead.


Ensalada Esmeralda

Fresh fruits on a bed of greens, dried cranberries and almond flakes, served with raspberry-yogurt dressing topped with chia seeds. I like this salad because of its sweet tangy taste. The cranberries and raspberry-yogurt dressing give the dish a kick I look forward to in starters. Even with its sweetness, the freshness of the greens cannot be denied either.

Prawns Thermidor

A classic in many western restaurants. I am surprised to find it in a cafe menu, however. Stuffed prawns with cream and mushrooms, baked with hollandaise sauce and served with pilaf rice and baked tomato. It tasted very creamy and heavy. But it felt too creamy for me and I kind of lost the shrimp taste.

Chicken A La Kiev

This reminds me of Chicken Cordon Bleu with how it looks inside. It’s a dish that’s filled to the brim so expect to be full with just a single serving. I love how the dish complements the veggies that it came with as sides too.

Akuw’a (Yemeni Oxtail)

This dish is one of my most favorites I’ve ever tasted. The meat is oh so oh my god tender. The oxtail stew ciiked with Hawaiian soce, as served by LJC since 1980. As iconic and as much an institution Cafe Adriatico is, this dish follows suit.

Canocigo with Mango Balls

Caramel meringue with custard sauce and mango balls. I kid you not, I thought this dish was brazo de mercedes. We were informed though both dishes are similar, because of the construction and its custard sauce, they are different. It shares a similar taste with Brazo de Mercedes only it’s heavier and creamier.

Overall of Cafe Adriatico

Cafe Adriatico definitely proves itself on why its an institution. Its delicious meals and desserts taste very good. But its the ambiance that draws people near and far. Even the difficulty in parking could not stop its diners from coming back and enjoying Cafe Adriatico.

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