Cafe Janealo in Intramuros: Foodie Review

Walking around Intramuros can get you tired and exhausted. Revitalize yourself  in the hippest cafe in the area. Take shelter from the sweltering heat and your aching feet by relaxing in the cool cafe just around the corner. Perfect for a mouthwatering bite of food and a refreshing beverage before heading back out.

Opened last September 2016, Cafe Janealo provides quality food and beverages. Owned by a former restaurant manager, you can expect an undeniably excellent service.


Cafe Janealo couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful location. Located at the heart of the famous Intramuros, the cafe rests at a perfect spot for hanging out, lounging about, and catching some well deserved rest from the arduous touring of Intramuros. With parking available, this cafe simply offers the convenience for not only pedestrians but also those with cars.



Looking for the cafe wasn’t
difficult per se, but the small signage almost made me miss it. The interiors of the cafe proved to be cozy and chic, classic and  definitely aesthetic. I do wish though that the lighting would be improved. The food they serve are aesthetic, too, but it was a bit difficult to find nice lighting to take photos of the food inside.

If in doubt, and the heat isn’t blazing outside, the outdoor seating looks amazing.


It isn’t only amazing, it’s personalized. It’s so good that when you become a regular, they make you YOUR VERY OWN MUG. With your name and everything. Just so they can use that to serve you your coffee or any beverage you wish. This cafe obviously takes care of their clientele.


Cafe food usually isn’t very appetizing, but Cafe Janealo’s food is to die for. Some of their pastries include bibingka, tuna turnover, and even an assortment of cakes!

Their beverage have a nice variety, too. To the basic Americano, to the more creative and innovative frappes, you’ll undoubtedly find something you would love here.

Food Recommendations

Dark Chocolate Overload Frappe

I like this frappe a lot. Majorly, I have to admit is it’s aesthetic. Just like forbidden desires, beautiful, sinful, and oh so delicious. The dark choco overload is perfect for the chocolate lovers. Partner it with a non-chocolate pastry for the best complements of taste.

Chocolate Dream Cake

This cake is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever tasted. Not too sweet, not too bitter. It feels light and airy, but so full of chocolatey goodness. Moist and perfectly textured with chocolate frosting and nuts.


I think that the prices set for each items are just right. The cakes priced at around Php120 per slice, Php105 for each turnovers, and less than 1 hundred bucks for their other pastries. Meanwhile, all their drinks range from Php110 to Php160. So if you get the most expensive thing from both the beverages and the pastries, it will still be less than Php300. If you think about it, it’s not so bad considering the comfy-ness of the place, the amazing location of it, plus the food really is goooood.


Overall of Cafe Janealo

I quite like Cafe Janealo. With delicious food, personalized service, and fair pricing, it really is an amazing place to be in. I would come back here if I crave their Dark Chocolate Overload. And I probably would stay a while in Cafe Janealo if I find myself in the area.
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Vera Studio

Cafe Janealo is also affiliated with a wonderful photography studio right across the street. The studio includes the cafe as part of some of their packages!

Read more about Vera Studios!


  • Watch out for their upcoming Halo Halo Smoothie
  • Perfect respite from heat and hunger after a day’s tour in Intramuros
  • Partnered with Studio Vera, bringing you amazing photos
  • Be a regular and receive a personalized mug for them to serve you with every time you visit


Updated March 2017 to include Vera Studios Review.

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