Casual Denim Skirt Wear: Fashion

White, oversized sleeve, statement tee worn with a pure button down denim skirt in pencil cut. Partnered with cute cat socks and white sneakers. Completed with a white sporty watch and the cutest Sailor Moon bag. I wore my hair down with a single golden hairpin on one side for a bit of style.

I wore this outfit to a day out to the malls and a night of beta testing games. You can even watch those videos (of me beta testing and stuff) in my outfit here:


When I first got this shirt as a gift from someone I wasn’t close with, my first thought was “What the hell? I would never wear this. It’s unbelievably big.” But then these kinds of things, the pieces that I will never buy for myself, give my outfits new spark of taste. It allows me to experiment with pieces I never knew would work together.

Since I wasn’t the person who bought it, the style of the giver is basically handed over to me to use. Combining those with pieces that I did buy for myself, I create better and more fluid outfits.

Frankly, I’ve had a lot of trouble wearing this denim skirt. Not because it’s tight or short or whatever. But the cut of this skirt totally removes the silhouette of my hips. What am I but a curvy short woman. I couldn’t have that. Goodness knows how many tops I tried before thinking of using an oversized shirt!


denim skirt

The bag I’m using is a really really cute and Sailor Moon satchel I bought online.I bought 2 of these. The black version and the white one. Super glad I got these. They’re unbelievably cute and easy to pair with so many outfits


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