Casual Star Wars


A grey hoodie on top of a Star Wars patterned dress is the main ensemble. Wearing a black wool beanie, black thigh high socks, and dark brownish maroon leather boots that resemble Doc Martens. Trotting my favorite grey backpack, I wore my cutest heart shaped sun glasses when the sun was blindingly bright.


I just love these heart shaped sun glasses. These quirky shades are so reflective that people don’t see my eyes as I take them all in. It also won’t look awkward when I stare at people. Plus they’re adorable and cute, so much so that any serious or boring outfit become super fun with this on.

It’s really great that my brightly colored hair becomes the main accessory with plainer colored outfits. I just love how the greyness of the hoodie lets the color really pop out. The pattern of the dress isn’t as saturated as most patterns of the dresses I own, too. Because of that, the Star Wars pattern becomes a subtle  hint of my geekiness.

star wars outfit

My Star Wars dress was sleeveless and long. That dress was up to my shins. It was very unflattering for a really short and sticky girl like me. So I pinned the bottom hem of the dress to the waist of the dress. It resulted in this nice bubble looking skirt that was the perfect length for me. You can try this on any long dress you have. If the dress is too short to pin to the waist, you can try pinning it a bit lower.

I wore this ensemble at Baguio when we were visiting the BenCab museum. It was really really really cold that day. It was 15 degrees during noon, I think. I know it’s not as cold as most people would say, but for someone (ehem me ehem) who is comfortable in a 30 degree temperature here in Manila, I would think that that temp is freeeezing.

You can check out my geekiness here, if you want to get to know me better!


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