Casual Tourist Jumpsuit


Very loose and very comfortable black jumpsuit with white native patterned details. Accessorized simply with a pair of stud earrings and silver colored watch. For the footwear, I opted for a white strappy sandals that feels comfortable and great for walking the whole day.


I think that it was appropriate that I wore this when we visited Malaysia’s Islamic Arts Museum. Not only are the details of my outfit similar to a lot of the patterns that I saw here, but it was toned down. The Simple casual black and white color also makes my really bright hair pop.

I just love how comfortable this jumpsuit is. Kuala Lumpur is similar to the Philippines in terms of weather. The hot humid weather really scorches you and dries you up. Good thing that this sleeveless beauty kept me sane throughout the weather.

img_4164 img_4161 img_4218

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