Update: Not Gain Weight Challenge


A few weeks ago, I have taken it upon myself to endure the challenge of not gaining weight this Holiday season. A feat that everyone agrees that is impossible. It’s unbelievably late, but this is the first, and apparently the only, update of this challenge (minus the result, of course).

It was so very very intensely difficult. What made it harder was that I wasn’t home the first week. My first few days of December was spent in Hong Kong on vacation. Do you know how freaking difficult it is to stay on your diet while on vacation?? Well, it was totally ruined. The whole while I was screaming inside my head that I shouldn’t be eating this God-Gorgeous delicious duck, as I chew the succulent poultry. Nope. The guilt didn’t stop me from enjoying the yummy dimsum and noodles and duck while I was out.

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While I was away from home, I also wasn’t able to exercise at all. I did walk around A LOT A LOT A LOT, so I guess it counted for something? However, I did enjoy more than a few flavored (and probably sugar full) beverages on that trip. I knew my weight was screwed from the first week.

Even worse, when I got back from my trip, there were a multitude of events (which being Filipino means food is available) already lined up. From high school friends getting together to meeting new people, all these have eating included in the itinerary. I also got a bit sick after I got back home. Which means, no workouts for a few days.

I really really tried to lessen the weight by having salads as my meals and the the usual stricter weight loss diet. It wasn’t enough at first but I finally got back to my weight. After which, we had this huge office Christmas party with so much food, then another big celebration with even more food.

And food was delicious, it’s almost a crime to say no. And I know that people have done their best to prepare those dishes to feed me and I really couldn’t refuse.

So far, I have had 9 Christmas get-togethers, 2 weddings, and a bunch of hangouts with friends. Though its much easier to control my weight in the Manila, I’m really starting to get worried.

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It’s now after Christmas and I’m in Baguio. Maybe, maybe not gaining weight. though Baguio has Oh WOW THATS A LOT OF FRESH VEGETABLES, my family just loves going around and eating different food. We’ll only be able to tell after New Year. I’m so nervous and I feel unbelievably guilty everyday for eating. Everyone has been telling me that I should just start my diet again after the holidays, but I’m competing with myself. I’m even more competitive than usual.

Basically, I gained weight the first week, lost it during the second week, and now I am afraid to look at the scale for the third week again.

Only 6 days left for this challenge. DUNDUNDUUUUUUN!

Update! The Conclusion! Who Won? Food or Julia? Update2: Not Gain Weight Conclusion


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