Chao Chao Gyoza Taguig: Foodie Review

An awesome gyoza place has entered Metro Manila! Food specialty shops are all the rage in Japan. Specialty shops mean that they give more effort in a particular dish than most general restaurants.


I am totally loving the beautiful placement in W City Center in Taguig. It’s in the quieter part, too, yet still close enough to easily walk from the hustle and bustle of High Street and Fort Strip.



The store has a very Japan fast food aesthetic to it. Even the condiments and chopsticks holder were close to how Tokyo does their fast food. (It’s a small drawer with condiments on top and a drawer full of chopsticks). I really am in love with the wooden tables with a tinge of darker pops of color.



Chao Chao Gyoza ranks as one of the top 10 in terms of good service for restaurants in Manila. All their servers are polite. The staff can even split your bills with no hassle to you. You see, my group of around 25 people suddenly barged in Chao Chao Gyoza, took over the store, and had bills split differently per table (some are solo, some are per table, some are even in weird groupings) but the staff made it work. I was super impressed!

Even with our super large group, they were accommodating, refilled waters meticulously, and even apologizes for delayed serving time (since we are a huge group, ordered huge quantities, without a word in advance). Props to the staff of Chao Chao Gyoza!



Side dishes can be ordered within a set meal, but the option for additional side dishes are at Php 80. Chao Chao Gyoza currently serves two kinds of side dishes at the moment: pickled cucumber and beansprouts.


Pickled Cucumber

The pickled cucumber tastes very mild and not at all pickle-y. If thats your cuppa tea, it’s a great side dish to try! However, I personally prefer my pickled dishes have more punch and flavor. I’m not such a huge fan of mild side dishes like this usually.


The beansprouts tastes very smokey and sesame-y. I wasn’t expecting a not so colorful side dish to taste this good. Amazingly, it’s a lot better than most of the beansprout side dishes I’ve tried. So far, I’d choose to have the beansprout side dish over the pickled cucumber.


Chao Chao Gyoza

Php 180

Moving on to the specialties of the restaurant, gyoza, particularly, their “Chao Chao Gyoza”. The Chao Chao Gyoza is basically a block of 8 gyoza pieces. It’s quite difficult to separate from each other.

The gyoza itself is crispy, and not at all malansa. One block can feed only a person since its not such a huge portion. Although the gyoza tastes good, the serving is small and difficult to eat because of its block.

The best sauce for this for me is Soy Vinegar!


Onion Gyoza

Php 270

I like this better than the Chao Chao Gyoza. The Onion Gyoza tastes really really good. It tastes savory and kind of sweet. The deliciousness of it is Cooking Master Boy level! I couldn’t believe it was this good. I love the Onion Gyoza best with Miso Sauce.


Chicken and Mozzarella Gyoza


A great tasting gyoza, for sure! The flavor isn’t overpowering or too cheesy that it’s barely a gyoza anymore. The filling is well proportioned, too. The Chicken and Mozzarella Gyoza is served with mayonnaise. But the mayo doesn’t really go well with the gyoza. What goes well with the mayo they served was shockingly the pickled cucumber!

You can dip your gyozas into two different sauces according to your preference. A Soy Vinegar Sauce and Miso Sauce. You can opt to add heat to your sauces with  chili oil and spicy miso.



Frankly, the price is expensive for the serving size. However, the taste alone is great. I am a big fan of the texture, though its not the best traditional gyoza texture.


Overall of Chao Chao Gyoza

A bit pricey, but the food is well made and delicious. The block gyoza concept seems new to me, but it gets pretty difficult to eat because of that. I would return here, most probably, but not as often as I would a cheaper place.

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02 5523605 | 11 AM to 11 PM
W City Center, 7th Avenue Corner Lane Q, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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