Chinatown’s Best Food Banawe: Foodie Review

Right in the heart of Banawe with the rich culture and overflowing food places in the area, Chinatown’s Best Food had to compete with intense competition. How did they stay on top? The establishment really steps up in proving that they do more than deserve their restaurant name.


A beautiful location, right dab smack in the middle of the famous street of Banawe, you can find the restaurant in the corner of the main street and Son Manuel Agregado Street. Armed with more parking spaces than usual, CBF makes it easy for its clientele. The corner location makes an ideal spot because of its 2 street front parking. Not only that, along Don Manuel Agregado St, there is an empty lot specifically for CBF’s parking.


Although not small in area space, CBF feels homey and really emits a Chinatown feel. If you’ve ever been to any Chinatown, they all have a similar feeling. Maybe it’s the round tables made for families with lazy Susans in the middle. Perhaps it’s the smell of Chinese cuisine wafting through the air. In any case, you’ll feel Chinatown vibes.


They dedicated the first floor to ala carte customers, the second floor for buffet customers, and the third floor for banquets.

Chinatown’s Best Food can cater banquets depending on the number of guests you may have. From a small 50 person affair to as big as 300, the 3rd floor’s removable walls can definitely


These are my favorites from the buffet. You can say that these are the noteworthy dishes you absolutely HAVE to try!

Seafood Medley in Crab shell

This is no doubt my favorite dish in the place. Its made up of crab meat, crab fat or aligue, cuttlefish, fish, then sauteed with crab fat and baked with cheese until it becomes a delicious medley of seafood. The saltiness of the seafood really is brought put by the cheese. I love how it doesn’t make me tire of it. You just want to eat more and more. You can get this dish by their catering or via buffet.


Not a Chinese dish, i know, but still sooooo good. If you’re not a fan of silky soft beef dosh with a creamy full sauce, skip this. But if you’re up to taste that meaty soft goodness, please do try this one!


Made in the restaurant, you’re sure to get quality dimsum. Their hakao is filled with shrimp unlike others that are more fillers than actual meat. The blanket is also soft and not too thick!

Owner’s Favorites

I asked the owner his favorites in his own buffet. He recommended the classics. It included their super crispy skinned lechon macau. Hakao of course made the cut because of its filling. Their noodles taste very flavorful amd not too greasy like others. For the vegetable option, sauteed french beans is the dish to try. Of course, lets  not forget the sauteed clams and siomai that are super popular among all generations.


Their buffet prices are lower than the average buffet prices of Manila. With the highest price at P688, it definitely competes with the top contenders.

Lunch 11AM to 2:30PM | Mon-Fri
Kid’s Rate (Mon-Sun) Below 4.5 ft = P298
Lunch 11AM to 2:30PM | Sat-Sun
Kid’s Rate (Mon-Sun) Below 4.5 ft = P298
Dinner 6PM to 9:30PM | Mon-Fri
Kid’s Rate (Mon-Sun) Below 4.5 ft = P298
Dinner 6PM to 9:30PM | Sat-Sun
Kid’s Rate (Mon-Sun) Below 4.5 ft = P298

Overall of Chinatown’s Best Food

Its no wonder why Chinatown’s Best Food became an institution. True to its name, they really brought the best dishes from Chinatown to this bustling community. With the inflow of new restaurants, CBF remains strong amidst the new competition. Their food and amiable ambiance pulls back customers into coming back. I’m sure to be back soon d bringing friend with me on my next visit.

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