Comfy Green Boheme


This boheme outfit is made by wearing loose green V-necked thick cotton sweater with 3/4th sleeves, short cream colored shorts, patterned thick cream leggings, and brown high cut fully tied brown boots. Accessorized by golden vine necklace, black and gold chain bracelet, and colorful floral head band. Light grey backpack to complete the full outfit. Overall, a boheme look without its individual pieces looking like it.

boheme 2

I wore this outfit in Hong Kong when the day was set for going around Ocean Park. I specifically wanted to wear this because of its very comfortable nature. Soft leggings, warm loose sweater, sturdy boots. Those are very comfortable pieces of clothing but put together, creates a beautiful blend of an outfit that I can take almost anywhere.

If there was an impracticality of this outfit, its the head band. Granted, it was beautiful and adds a touch of detail that makes an outfit stand out, but the rides I had ridden in Ocean Park asked me to take it off in case it falls off.I could see the potential dangers it poses if it had gotten out of my hair and into the engines. Think Final Destination. Scary.

It wasn’t very difficult to put back on after every ride, though. I just ram it back into my head and it fits perfectly.


The make up I wore with this was very light but I made sure to get redder lips to add contrast to the green tinges of my outfit. This splash of color was great since the outfit was either nudes and bluish green tones. The lipstick wasn’t very red, but it was different enough to stand out.

I love how the vine necklace and florally head band added a bit of nature into my outfit. It just felt more natural with the green.

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