Conceptrum: The Best Escape Room


My absolute favorite room and escape room place would be Conceptrum. It’s located in BF Home Paranaque (which I drove all the way from QC because of their stellar reputation) and I was not disappointed at all.


Since a few years ago, escape rooms have become popular. They come in different themes, some are zombie themed, horror filled, and others very pressure driven. But what I really come for in escape rooms are the puzzles.

As someone who grew up with Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, I just adore puzzles. I hate it when I can’t finish the puzzles given to me. It drives me maaaaaad. Like, why can’t I finish this damn puzzle?? Think outside the box!  C’MONNNN!!

Unfortunately, some of the puzzles in escape rooms are very blah. Some puzzles come without any sort of order, some just make you say “Are you frakking serious??”, but some are hidden gems that make the escape rooms so much fun.


I went with two other people who are as much as puzzle freaks as I am. My first impression was how bare the outside of Conceptrum was. I was actually kind of scared that the experience wouldn’t be fun. Oh, how wrong I was. Though minimalist outside, the room we tried was super super coolio.

The staff that handled us were so very nice and helpful. They even volunteered to take our photos and let us play with their props. The place was clean and had a minimalistic air to its lobby.


But man! When you enter the escape room, it’s like a different world entirely. They had sound effects, lots and lots of props AND great puzzles. Not only were there a lot and were challenging but made sense, the puzzles had a coherent order to them so you don’t get lost. I just absolutely love it.

But alas! Time had gotten the better of us and we weren’t able to escape the room. The sad part? We finished 95% successfully and was just looking for the last 5%. It was disappointing because we were so sure we’d finish and escape.

Even if we didn’t win against the room, my friends and I had a lot of fun. We couldn’t stop raving about the puzzles, the room, the feel of it all! Conceptrum is super worth the long drive.


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  • Roxanne Walls
    Posted January 30, 2016 8:43 pm 0Likes

    I’ve been waiting for reviews on Conceptrum since they opened in BF and Alabang Town Center. Good to know their puzzles are up to scratch!

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