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Dad’s World Buffet in Glorietta has been a mall with never ending food establishments among many other things. With its at least 5 malls, and 2 other mall complexes connected to it, Glorietta just has a lot of foot traffic. Dad’s has been an institution for buffets in Manila since forever. I don’t even remember the time when Dad’s was out of the conversation when buffet is the topic. But is it still good? Which dishes are the must try? Is it worth it?



Dads World Buffet in Glorietta looks super bright and lively. Filled with white seats and clean tables, overlooking gleaming containers for serving buffet platters. They usually have this live band with a singer, guitarist and a big ass cello going around serenading people. Its “free” but you kind of want to give them a big tip.

They divided the areas depending on the theme. The first part serves the Filipino food or “Kamayan”, the second part, the international or “Dad’s World Wide, and the last “Saisaki” dedicated to Japanese food!




Though the place is big, the servers try to accommodate everyone. It helps that in a buffet setting, you cna basically serve yourself. The people manning the stations are also really friendly and they do try to give you the best piece of met (if in the cutting station) and try to assist you.



Food Recommendations

Dessert: Crepe, then add a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup!

Made specially for you, the chef would make the crepe fresh and sweet just to your liking. Make it extra special by heading to the ice cream station and adding a scoop of ice cream and a dallop of chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles! Yum!

Sashimi and Sushi

Served fresh and never frozen! Just a few servings of sashimi and sushi would make your buffet trip worth the price already!

Ebi Tempura

The fast disappearing serving, you have to be quick in wit and reflex to get a hold of the rare items such as these. Or go have a weekday buffet. Which means less people and more tempura.

Roast Beef

Juicy, moist, and very meaty. Their Roast beef served sliced to your preference. Add the mushroom giblet gravy and prepare for a mouthwatering feast.


Just the right spice and tenderness. The stew explodes in your mouth for a culinary gastronomical experience. The beef of the Kaldereta just really melts in your mouth tender, but firm enough to chew. To top it off, the spice is spicy but not too spicy.

Seafood Paella

Very tasty and seafoody. They didn’t pull any punches when they added the seafood in. Overflowing with shrimps, clams, squid, and other seafood,


I find their kuhol very succulent and tasty. Just the right amount of coconut milk with the spices for it to be distinct but not too much to ask the flavor of the kuhol itself. Kuhol is Filipino for snails. Basically, this dish serves as our version of escargot.


They really fill their siomai with pork and shrimp and not much filler. Not only that, the wrapper isn’t too thin or too thick either that it interferes with the siomai flavor. Obviously, it’s not a 5 star dimsum level of siomai, but it does taste really good that you wouldn’t mind that it isn’t.



You have the option to only avail “Kamayan”, which is the Filipino cuisine of Dad’s, “Saisaki”, the Japanse cuisine only, or go full blown Dad’s which means all the dishes open for you to try. I suggest going for the Dad’s option.

Dads World Buffet in Glorietta’s Weekday dinner and lunch prices are at Php888 net for adults. The prices go up higer on weekends, of course. They also have a different price for children.

Recently, they’ve released a new price list:

Includes Saisaki & Kamayan Buffet
Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks

Monday-Friday Lunch Special Price P 688 (reg. price is P888)
Monday-Friday Dinner Special Price P 838
(reg. price is P888)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Lunch&Dinner P 888 (reg. price )


CHILDREN’s Buffet Price:

4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P348 • Weekends & Holidays P398
3′ – Below 4 ft. Weekdays P298 • Weekends & Holidays P348
Below 3 ft. – Free

KAMAYAN Buffet Price Schedule:

Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks

Mon-Sun/Holidays Lunch & Dinner Reg. price P638

Children’s Kamayan Buffet Price:
4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P 308 • Weekends & Holidays P358
3′- Below 4 ft. Weekdays P 258 • Weekends & Holidays P308
Below 3 ft. – Free

KAMAYAN With Merienda Buffet (Megamall & Glorietta ONLY, 3pm – 5pm)

Special Price P 588 (Reg price P 638)

SAISAKI Buffet Price Schedule:

Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks

Mon-Fri Lunch Reg. price P 638
Mon-Fri Dinner Reg. price P 738
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Lunch&Dinner Reg. price P 838
Children’s Saisaki Buffet Price:
4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P328 • Weekends & Holidays P378
3′ – Below 4 ft. Weekdays P278 • Weekends & Holidays P328
Below 3 ft. – Free


Add P 200 per head for LeftOver
Only One (1) Promo Applies. Valid Only On Regular Adult Price.

Price list taken from, December 2016


Overall of Dads World Buffet

dads world buffet -31

I feel that this is the most value-for-money buffet for its price range. The food taste good, the options plenty, and the service excellent. I love that they also include drinks with it, including shakes, soda, and different flavors of juice. I particularly am fond of the accessibility of this branch. Not only is it in a mall, but Glorietta doesn’t get too crowded. There’s always ample parking space, too!

Aside from it’s great location, the service feels fast even when the establishment is full. I’m sometimes afraid that their moving musical entertainment comes to our table because I am not sure of the etiquette. Do I tip? How much do I tip? Do I tip only if I request a song? I really have no clue.

In terms of greatness, I would put this only second to Dad’s World Buffet in EDSA and above Dad’s World Buffet in West Avenue.
Dads-Saisaki-Kamayan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

02 8928898 | 02 8928897
Daily  11 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
Second Floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

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