Dash Beaute Care in Pasig Review


My experience with this clinic esque spa had a pretty rocky start. I almost gave it a negative review because of my first impression. How did Dash Beaute Care redeem itself?

Dash Beaute Care opened its doors December 2015. Not even a year old, they boast of amazing service, relaxing massages, and quality facials. A little background: The owner, Ms Eunice, was a former professional makeup artist. During her pregnancy with her first child, she and her husband decided to take classes on giving facials. When she gave birth, they decided to open their own clinic spa. Eunice, her husband, and baby Dasha, which is how DASH Beaute Care got it’s name, promise to provide quality services!


Dash Beaute Care invited me to try out their services. Though located 45 minutes from my house, I agreed! They had services like facials, manicures, foot spas, even massages!  I told them I’d be trying out their massage, manicure, pedicure, and foot spa! I really couldn’t wait! It was scheduled it perfectly! The day after a dive (perfect for the massage) and a week before a wedding I need to attend (perfect for the mani-pedi-foot spa combo)!

So, the Dash Beaute Care open from 10am to 12mn, all days of the week. I told myself to get there by 1pm so the staff could have time to prep and I won’t need to hurry them up. And I, being a punctual human being, arrived there at 1pm. But when I got inside, whoah boy. The radio blared afternoon FM radio drama show that was totally unfit for a spa, the AC still turned off, and some of the attendants still out of uniform! To make matters worse, when I told them I was expected and I was a blogger, the one attending me seemed super confused and unaware that I was coming. Good thing that that issue was resolved with a quick phone call.

I got a massage first. Unlike most massage places, they didn’t wash my feet. I learned later on from Ms Eunice that this wasn’t standard procedure. I think they were still very flustered by my arrival. With the AC still off, and heat permeated and made the first part of the massage a bit uncomfortable. While I was in the middle of the massage, they finally switched on the AC and changed the tunes from FM drama to relaxing spa music. Ahhh! Finally!


The massage itself felt really good. The quality of the massage already started to redeem the spa. It was a great massage and very inexpensive, too! Priced at only Php199, definitely sulit! I was still iffy from the early part of the service, though.

Next up is my mani-pedi-foot-spa-combo! Truly, a lovely treat for me. I usually do my own nails, cleaning them and painting them. Rare has it been to be pampered so royally. Dash Beaute Care really knows how to clean the nails. They cleaned my nails very thoroughly and beautifully. The whole hand to feet combo took around 2 hours to complete. Make sure to allot enough time when you come here. I actually scheduled something after this so I needed to ask the one doing my nails not to put nail polish on my feet anymore.


The service in the middle was very good, but it took them a while to get in the zone. I wish that they’d have been ready when I got there, and the visit would’ve been perfect. The quality of their services are top-notch, too. Just the little details (like being ready by 1pm when you open at 11, not forgetting washing the feet before a massage, and the staff offering drinks) that make it really appealing was still a bit lacking. The price makes up for it, though! If you had the service and the little details, plus retaining the sae price, Dash Beaute Care would be a gold mine!


If you’re planning on visiting Dash Beaute Care, please do note that they are right beside Pizza Hut. It took me a while to find the place since it was overwhelmed by the pizza place’s humongous sign. You can find space for parking right in front, too!


21A Mercedes Avenue, Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City

Open Mon-Sun 10am-12mn


Visit Dash Beaute Care’s Facebook page!


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