5 Doggy Dog Date Places in the Metro


Our beloved dogs want to go out, too! Aside from quality time spent with them in your house, they want to travel and see the world like you do. But they don’t mind if it’s right around the corner or across the country, so long as there are new things to smell and new people and creatures to bark at. Sadly, there are many many many places which aren’t pet-friendly. Have no fear! Here is a short list of places you can take your dog out!

1. The Fort High Street


Or BGC in particular is generally a pet-friendly place. High street especially, with their wide open lawns and green grass. They have their al fresco dining areas and fellow pet-owners and their pets. Plus, a huge store for pet accessories and toys!


2. Eastwood

So long as you have your pet’s vaccination card, they let the dogs inside the mall to walk around! Some restaurants bearing the “golden paw” sticker even lets your dog inside the establishment. You can have the aircon benefits plus your dog beside you!


3. Robinson’s Magnolia


Similar to Eastwood, they require your pet’s vaccination card to let the dogs inside. But they also have a garden where kids and pets can play and roam! Sip your coffee and have your parfait while bonding with man’s best friend.


4. Tiendesitas

The ultimate dog friendly date place. A whole section of Tiendesitas is dedicated to your pets and your pets’ needs. From grooming places, pet toys to pet shops and veterinarians. They even put aircondition to most of the area so you and your dog can skip the heat and relax inside the mall. Shop with your canine friend and eat out to your hearts’ content.


5. Whole Pet Kitchen


This is a restaurant in Ortigas that caters to dogs and dog lovers. You heard that right! They serve food for you and your dogs! It is quite a small place so make sure to either reserve a spot or get there early! Food is good and my dogs just love it there!


Remember to have proper etiquette when taking your dogs out. It’s as simple as cleaning up after them and not letting them run wild and terrorizing the people.


What’s your favorite doggy date place?


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