Don Day Korean Grill in Quezon Ave: Foodie Review


Korean food has become a hit here in the Philippines the past few years. One Sunday, I visited Don Day, a All-You-Can-Ssamgyupsal grill. They have a few branches here and there, but the Don Day I ate at was located along Quezon Avenue.



The place looked a lot smaller from the outside. In truth, the place had a huge space inside. I loved their wooden tables and chairs. It adds a bit of rustic charm to the place. With the buffet style of food, it was easy to get more dishes. Be wary, though, because they separated two tables of food. Both have different dishes on it so be sure to visit both!



When there are not a lot of customers, they even grill the meat for you. I’m glad that they also quickly refill and serve us drinks and meat. It felt a bit weird to get your own side dishes, though.



My favorites side dishes would be its kimchi, the bean sprouts (although it might just be because I am partial to bean sprouts), and their yummy soup. Their service is quick and polite. The meat they serve is good quality as well. Their pork is thickly cut and their beef is very pink and nicely cut.

The side dishes were plenty and delicious. There were the staples, kimchi, steamed egg, and soup. Along with the many side dishes, the freshly cooked pork is heavenly. Unlike some Korean restaurants, they grill the meat for the Ssamgyupsal in front of you. Since the meat is grilled in front of you, you can control how cooked you want it to be.

Don Day also sells Korean ice cream, like the famous Melona and Fish Pops for their dessert. Its a great sweet finish after the very satisfying savory meal.



Their price range was very reasonable. It was Php 399 for unlimited pork, and less than Php 500 for unlimited beef and pork. With its unlimited meat and unlimited side dishes at less than Php500, it was so worth it.


Overall of Don Day

Overall, I think that this restaurant is great. I definitely got the value for my money and their staff were very courteous. I recommend this to anyone who would like unlimited Ssamgyupsal. The price range is just right, the side dishes plenty, and the restaurant is spacious.


Don Day - Day Don Don Don Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Open Daily  11 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 10 PM
Sunshine Boulevard Plaza, Quezon Avenue Corner Scout Santiago Street, South Triangle, Quezon City

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