Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation

character creation

This isn’t really a “How to Make Your Own D&D Character” article per se. It’s mostly me, geeking out and telling the whole world how I make my characters in D&D. You will learn my techniques in making quirky, life-like characters in D&D.

Honestly though, character creation is one of my favorite part of D&D (it’s actually my absolute favorite part of playing but don’t tell my DM that).

Okay, so first off, I skim through the Player’s Handbook of whatever edition I’m playing. Makes it easier to get a feel of the world I’m in. It’s also where I sometimes get my inspiration from my characters.

Second step, I take an archetype I want to play. Think something like: strong, male, bulky warrior, or slender, sexy, powerful elf, or even prodigious young male who is absolutely amazing in melee.

Next, I make them human. Well, not really human, human-race, human. But someone with flaws, history, likes, strengths, background.

For example, let’s take my strong, male, bulky warrior. He could have been a) small scrawny kid when he was younger or b) big , fumbly oaf growing up. Let’s go with b. My character now was big and awkward and doesn’t know his own strength growing up. Because of his awkwardness, my character developed an insecurity of talking to people and handling fragile things. But since he was never bullied, he had much confidence with his strength.

Now let’s make his family: did his family accept him and was similar to him or were they so different that they could not understand him? Let’s go with the latter. His family was made up of thin people who were florists. Flowers crushed, vases broken, he could not become the heir of the shop even if he wanted to. But, he does know all the names of flowers, ferns, leaves, shrubs, and their uses, too.


This would go on until you create a full bodied (by body, I mean personality, looks, background) character that you can relate to, no matter how different he or she is from you. Maybe they had lovers, maybe they can’t have any. Maybe you character loves the things you hate, maybe they look nothing like you. Maybe theyre good, maybe they’re evil, but WHY are they like that? When you know them intimately, why they act how they act, it’s so much easier to pretend to be them. Because they become people. Because you know, deep down, all people have insecurities, dreams, hopes, burdens, tragedies. Because somehow, they are just like you, even if they’re so different.

The last part of my making my D&D character is the Stat Point Distribution. But because I know my character from birth to their current present, it’s super super easy to assign points. Big and bulky? Add lots of STR. Insecure in talking with people? Remove CHA. Great in athletics and intimidation? Become a Soldier. I use this site when playing the 5th dition to distribute points: 1d8: Point Buy Calculator  and this to complete the stats, feats, etc of the character: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wgkammerer.testgui.basiccharactersheet.app&hl=en

Creating D&D characters are similar to making Sims characters. Their class, race, and alignment are just part of them, but that’s not what makes them, THEM. It’s great when you know their skills, spells, racial and class attributes, of course, but you have a handbook as a cheat sheet for that. But personally, what makes cool D&D games are how the characters react to the situations. Being your character for the moment really makes that experience so much more fun. D&D is a ROLE PLAYING game after all, not just a strategy game.

I’m sure a lot of players will not like how I make my characters, but I’m in it for the fun. I think it’s amazingly fun when my characters are made like this.

Just make your character however you like. D&D is a game. You’re supposed to have fun, not feel pressured that you character isn’t perfect.

Do you agree with my character creation process? I’d love to find out how you guys make your characters in D&D. Comment below and we can talk about it!

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