How to Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program


I enjoy travelling as much as the next person, perhaps even more so. I love visiting different places, taking stunning photos, and capturing moments of absolute beauty. As a blogger I love sharing all of these with everyone. And I am sure a lot of bloggers love that, too. Giving our readers the best advice about the place is included there, of course. Sadly, travelling requires funds. Worry not! Something has come up that would help me and my fellow bloggers achieve this dream I know everyone has. Travel, write, advise, and best of all, earn from it.


I’m talking about the TravelBook Affiliate Program. I’m sure most of you know what TravelBook is about, but let me tell you more about it anyway. TravelBook is a site where you can book your trip’s hotels and accommodation. They also feature destination guides, travel tips, and insights from trips. It’s a great way to learn more about the places you’re visiting!

Moving on, TravelBook’s Affiliate Program lets bloggers like me earn more moolah for travel by referring people to wonderful places to stay! Aside from being amazingly helpful to a lot of people, it’s also super easy to do so. Just register (it’s free!) and everything you need will be at your fingertips. You can register online or through phone. I recommend doing it online. That way, you have access to your TravelBook tools asap!

sign up

There are three tools that are available to you as an affiliate. One of those tools is the option of putting a search hotel booking widget on your sidebars. It’s great if your blog features solely or a majority of travel. You can also just add a hotel ad link. The link directs to the hotel listing fro TravelBook. Another option is putting a banner in the middle of your post. Say you’re writing a post about your travel to Cebu. TravelBook offers the option to add a banner just like this:

This is the banner you can put in your blog


Plus, you have the data analytics of the whole campaign in one easy interface! You even have access to all the listings of hotels that they are affiliated with! It’s crazy! But the top reason you’d want to get into this affiliate program? The commission rate gets as high as 65%. Whooping 65! Crazily easy for you to get passive income!


BAM! Case closed! Time to travel!


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