Easy Access Nail Tools

Details matter.
No matter how pretty and on point your Outfit of the day, if something is off, it looks off. It doesn’t look as polished or as complete. What am I getting at? Nails.

I admit, I’m guilty of not paying much attention to my nails as I should. See how awful those nails are?

You don’t need expensive manicures, pedicures, and foot spas to make it work. You can do it yourself. Yes, even nail art. It just takes a little patience and you can save a whole lot while having your nails on point.

You can even get rid of the hassle of going out to buy nail tools via online shopping.

See the direct link here: http://www.sammydress.com/Wholesale-Nails-Tools-c-11239.html

Personally, I love the the Nail Art Drawing Brushes. I find multiple uses for this. Since I also paint, I use the very fine brushes not just in my nail art, but in my traditional paintings too. I use them for the teeny tiny details. They’re on sale at 59% off, too!You can buy the whole set of 7 brushes here for only $3.52!


If you don’t trust yourself to do your own nail art, you can even cheat it. Don’t feel guilty about that. Hey, all’s fair in beauty and nails!


You can opt to go for stickers for your nails, like this here. But even that require some kind of skill with the clear nail polish. But does provide a bit more room for creativity.


If you have absolutely no clue how to do nails, like I was a year ago, you can go fake everything. It’s really cool because it needs absolutely the minimum effort for it, with the perfect shape, perfect nail polish, perfect art. I mean, isn’t that the dream? You can get this on sale really cool frosted surface fake nails here for only $5.18!

If you have the perfect nails, but no OOTD to go along with it, Sammy Dress can also help you with that! Just visit them at http://www.sammydress.com/



This post is brought to you by Sammy Dress!

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