Edgy Chic Ensemble


The base ensemble is a black, loose, sleeveless top, galaxy printed silk shorts, and an edgy patterned fishnet stockings. Coupled with black leather high cut, heeled boots and a two toned, thick grey jacket. To complete the outfit, accessorized with a small light grey back pack and golden earrings.


I love how the black boots and the patterned stockings made my outfit super edgy, but the nice contrast of the silk shorts and black top made it look chic. Add a bonus of the edgy chic looking grey jacket, the outfit just comes together perfectly.

I wore this outfit on my last day in Hong Kong last year. We visited the 10,000 Golden Buddhas before going to the airport. It was a great place, but my outfit was a bit too flimsy. I ended up shivering from the cold of the autumn air of Hong Kong. If it weren’t very windy, I would have been fine. But the blistering cold winds were my down fall. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I really didn’t expect the weather to be so frosty.

I put my hair in a one side sweep and held it in with a gold bobby pin. It was simple and the dash of color from my blue hair (and not to mention, my colored shorts) made it so much easier to add life to the ensemble. With this kind of outfit, it’s better to use simpler and subtle accessories. Too much would be overwhelming and would look tacky, but the clean fine gold accessories help it look sophisticated.

The make up I used to go together with this outfit was basically nude colors with a longer eyeliner tip for a simple (i.e. classic) look with a edgy flair. The simple make up helps with the contrast of the edgy look and the sophisticated feel of this ensemble.

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