El Cangrejo Unlimited Steak and Crab Review


Yes! It’s true! El Cangrejo does have a menu that lets you enjoy UNLIMITED steak and crabs. You better come hungry because this is a deal you’ll want to stuff yourself to the extreme.


One of the great things about El Cangrejo is that they serve big ass crabs. They serve Alimangos and not Alimasag. Really big, thick shelled crabs that you can’t wait to bite into. They cook it really well, too. Buttered and very moist. Plus, they chop it in half so it’s easier for you to get into the really small crevices of the crab to get to the unbelievably delicious and soft crab meat.

The steaks there cooked according to your preferred done-ness. Personally, I love my steaks medium rare. The first few steaks came out perfectly cooked, a bit thin and small for steaks, but medium rare for sure. Beautifully done outside and tender on the inside. Just wonderful! But I noticed that when the restaurant filled up, the steaks took longer to come out and it became pretty overcooked. Best bet to get your preferred steak is to dine when there are not a lot of diners. Come early, then!


Priced at Php895 net, the unlimited steak and crab is a bit steep. But considering how much crabs and steaks are priced in restaurants, I’ll gladly welcome this one! El Cangrejo’s steak and crab deals can be availed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends only. Schedule is dinnertime every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-10pm, and for lunch 11am-2pm. Dinner 6pm-10pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Have no fear! If you can’t come on that day, so long as you have a party of 10 (all should be availing the unlimited steak and crabs), you can call El Cangrejo to request that the unlimited steak and crabs be available to you! Please do note that you have to call in advanced. They do have to prep and stuff.

Not only do they have unlimited steak and crabs, but on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can avail of their equally awesome albeit classier deal. The Unlimited wine and oysters for Php745 net. But you have to reserve a table in advance. Everyday, they also serve unlimited wine for Php645 net. You can even pair this with your steak and crabs, but I think that it’s too much food and too much expense for a single dinner.

Of course, there are ala carte options available, but why even bother when unlimited steak and crabs are an option? Just so you have prices to compare, I’m including their ala carte menu here from Zomato.


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El Cangrejo
Unit D1, Jardin De Zenaida, 34 Sgt. Esguerra, South Triangle, Quezon City

02 3510700 | 09271462332

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