Elegant Red Outfit for the Theatre



A deep red low neck line cocktail dress accessorized with golden filigree bracelet, gold minimalist line necklace, and a teeny tiny gold chain dangling earring. Worn with a super simple black leather bag, the loose hair but dark makeup really emphasizes the dress. Not shown in any of the photos, though, I was wearing a pair of black strappy heels that is delicate and not very high heeled.



With a very striking dress, I made sure that the accessories aren’t as striking. This creates a balance between the reds and gold. However, it isn’t too plain that the dress would just eat up all the attention. The little details that the accessories have lets them shine through without over-powering the main attraction.


I used very red lipstick for this to match with the bold color of the dress. Since my hair then wasn’t as bright as it is now, my outfit didn’t clash even if I wore my hair down. To create this elegant wavy kind of hair, I simply put my hair in a bun for the day and released it at night, when I had to wear my outfit.

The photos in the plain background actually doesn’t have the red lipstick showing. For the sole reason that we just had dinner then and I haven’t had time to reapply my lipstick on! Oops! Such a faux pas.



I wore this outfit a few months back when I had watched Les Miserables. I especially chose this outfit because of the song Red and Black.

I feel my soul on fire
My world if she’s not there
The color of desire.
The color of despair

I’m so in love with tat song because of how the contrasting images and feeling just blend well together. It’s a clash of passions, but had melded into this powerful song. Both of love, but one of a person, and the other of a country.



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What outfit would you wear to the theatre?

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